A Sad Goodbye (For Now)

Fli-fli: I’m happy, Gim-gim. Heehee. I got you almost half nekkid. Heehee. Let’s make a sex scandal!

Gim-gim: Me too. I love you soooo much. Smile for the camera!! Wha – whaaaattt ????

Fli-fli: Just kidding!!!

Fli-fli: I don’t ever want to leave, Gim-gim. I’m already happy right where I am! See, all snuggled warm and cozy inside your arms!

Gim-gim: … *happy*

Fli-fli: I don’t want to go back to !!! Don’t maaaaake mmeeee leeeeaaaaaaaavvvvvve!!!!!

Gim-gim: Awwww… But you’ve gotta! You have school and you need to enroll and study and I have to heal people. We must part, my darling Fli-fli.

Fli-fli: Nooooo…. I don’t care about Manila. I just want to hug you ooool – weeeiiiiiiisssssssssss……..

Gim-gim: Me too.

Fli-fli: Ok.

Gim-gim: … *thinking*

Gim-gim: You’re so silly, Fli-fli. Doncha worry, it’s just a month. And then you’re coming right back home! It’s just like when I leave you for community in Dapitan.

Fli-fli: That wasn’t so bad, was it? … *thinking also*

Gim-gim: Nope, bunny. You just watched a lot of TV and gorged on comfort . And cried sometimes.

Fli-fli: I don’t want to cry…

Gim-gim: But remember when you came back and we were so excited to see each other and we jumped up and down and up and down?

Fli-fli: Yyyeeessss…?

Gim-gim: And we went to and Bohol and Dipolog and Dapitan?

Fli-fli: Uhuhhh…? *nods vigorously*

Gim-gim: And we were so happy because we hadn’t seen each other in a loooong time?

Fli-fli: Mmm-hmmm….

Gim-gim: That’s because we missed each other so much! Don’t you want to feel like that all the time???

Fli-fli: I guess so… *not convincingly*

Gim-gim: When you come back I’ll bring you flowers and chocolates at the airport.

Fli-fli: You will??? *eyes light up*

Gim-gim: Uh-huh!!! *nods excitedly*

Fli-fli: Okay. *smiles perfunctorily*

Gim-gim: I love you.

Fli-fli: I love you too.