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Mika – Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)

Posted on 15 January 2008 by Flisha

I looove Mika. He is officially one of my most favorite artists ever! And not just because of this song – which I love. Hehe. (Because I’m a big girl and I am beautiful! Hehehe!)

I love him because of his sound. His music is so upbeat, you guys should hear all his other songs. When you’re listening to a song of his, it’s like you immediately wanna decorate your room in rainbow colors and dance around all day. Hehehe. They’re that terrific!

Hmm. I am gonna definitely post more of his videos. :)

By the way, I was suddenly inspired to share this video with you because I saw an Ugly Betty promo featuring this song (modified – “Hey Betty, You are Beautiful”) on Studio 23 after watching the show, and I was reminded of how much I love Mika. Did a search on Google and I did find the clip here, but I’ve decided to show you the Ugly Betty Season 2 Promo instead, just because I love Ugly Betty so. :) (I loved it so much that last semester, I got addicted to watching Betty La Fea, the Colombian original, which showed every noontime on Studio 23, hehe. Sooo jologs, shh, don’t tell!!)

**Update: Lyrics for the Youtub! :)

Big girl you are beautiful

Walks in to the room
Feels like a big balloon
I said, ‘Hey girls you are beautiful’
Diet coke and a pizza please
Diet coke I’m on my knees
Screaming ‘Big girl you are beautiful’

You take your skinny girls
Feel like I’m gonna die
Cos a real woman
Needs a real man here’s why

You take your girl
And multiply her by four
Now a whole lot of woman
Needs a whole lot more

Get yourself to the Butterfly Lounge
Find yourself a big lady
Big boy come on around
And they’ll be calling you baby

No need to fantasise
Since I was in my braces
A watering hole
With the girls around
And curves in all the right places

Big girls you are beautiful
Big girls you are beautiful
Big girls you are beautiful
Big girls you are beautiful


AnnaSophia Robb – Keep Your Mind Wide Open

Posted on 12 January 2008 by Flisha

One of the taglines in Terabithia is uttered by Leslie — “Keep your mind wide open.”

That’s a good mantra for everyone. Certainly it’s one I’ve always lived by.

Here’s the song (Youtub vid) sung by one of the stars, AnnaSophia Robb.


Bridge to Terabitha

Posted on 12 January 2008 by Flisha

Definitely one of the best movies I’ve ever watched. I’d give it a 5 stars out of 5 rating.

This movie is about love and friendship, loss and survival. Though the trailer promotes this movie as a fantasy flick, it is far, far away from the truth.

In a nutshell, Jess and Leslie are both unaccepted and often ridiculed by their peers. They find friendship within one another, sharing their love of art, fantasy and racing. Leslie selects a dilapidated treehouse as their refuge, and builds fantasies of ruling their made-up kingdom of Terabithia. As their friendship grows, both seem to form close to romantic attachments with one another, and learn to fight back against their adversaries – both real and made-up. Unexpectedly, on a day that Jess has gone to a museum with his teacher crush, Leslie dies in an accident. Racked with grief and guilt upon the discovery, Jess frenetically builds more of Terabithia, as a tribute to his friend, and perhaps hoping to revive the memory of Leslie. In the end, he learns to accepts her death, and begins to allow other people in his life, such as his little sister, whom he crows Princess of Terabithia.

I did not expect much from this movie. For one, there was no hype. For another, the stars are children, and relatively new actors at that. But I had been meaning to watch this movie for a long time, based on recommendations from my boyfriend Gim and one of my friends. I am glad I did not miss out on this movie, it is truly a beautiful and original story, one that will leave you thinking about it long after you’ve forgotten the names of its characters.

The actors are refreshing, and surprisingly for their age, they were able to make their respective characters very real. The dialogue was simple, the scenes cinematic and moving. The CGI was not the best, but then again that wasn’t really the focus of the movie. The soundtrack, though, was very beautiful and enchanting.

Go watch this movie, if you haven’t yet! I promise, you won’t be disappointed. ;-) It’s a tearjerker too, so keep those tissues nearby! :-)


Terabithia on Wikipedia

Terabithia on IMDB

Terabithia the Novel

Terabithia Youtub Trailer

Terabithia Interview


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My Friends and I

Posted on 05 January 2008 by Flisha

Detox Tip #8: Unwind with friends. :-)

My barkada and I went out for dinner and drinks last night. We had an enormously good time – even if we all we did was sit, eat and talk about Brian. Hehehe. I’ll blog about that some other time, but for now I just want to display pictures of my friends. The last time I waxed sentimental about my friends, I showed horrible old pictures of us. This time, I’ll not wax anything anymore, I’ll just show their pictures. ;)

This is Donnel – famous in high school for his (overcoming) stutters; infamous for his senior year love triangle with *beep* and *beep*. Hehehe.

This is Raquel – famous in high school for her grades and good looks; infamous for dating AJ. (Hehehe!)

This is Jotie – famous in high school for his sassy humor; infamous for … his sassy humor, I guess. Hehehe.

This is Chris, my bestest friend of all – famous in high school for his friendliness and perfectly well-kept spaces; infamous for his many fastfood-nicknamed (boy) crushes.

This is me, famous for my love of boy bands (Ronan, how could you forsake me?!?); infamous for my (often tragic) journalistic attempts and apparently, (as my supposedly best friends informed me over laughter and lattes) my many (painful) connections with the floor.

We were just missing two – Brian, who’s on vacation in Pagadian, and Katrina, who’s probably never coming home (but is in HongKong, as of the moment). But it was hilariously fun, anyways. We even made a decision to meet up in Manila in two months – and got the tickets too! There’s no going back!!! :-)

For more pictures of our first get-together of the year, visit this link.


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Spending Christmas Eve with Gim

Posted on 02 January 2008 by Flisha

Detox Tip #7: Shrug off all your worries and learn to be thankful. ;-)

Gim got off hospital duty early on Christmas eve, yay for me! :-) His schedule is very hectic these days. He works every day, in three-day segments. On the first day, he has a 36-hour shift starting around 7am, which of course lasts onto the next day, and he’s off at around 3 or 4pm, if he’s lucky. He gets to sleep that evening, and the very next day he starts at 7am again for a 12-hour shift, which ends at 5 or 6pm, again, if he’s lucky. And the next day, the cycle starts all over again. I get to see him so sporadically. :-(

On the 24th, he had just gotten off his 36-hour shift, so we were able to attend evening mass at the Sacred Heart chapel in Ateneo. It’s our Christmas eve ritual, we always go to mass. :-) Lest you think I’m a religious girl, it’s been eons ago since I attended mass regularly. In grade school and high school, I used to attend mass every morning, with my friends. In grade school, because our Religion teacher would always give us a quiz every morning, asking us what the officiating priest’s homily was about, or what the response psalm of the day was. Hehehe. I hated those quizzes. I was almost always late to school. In high school, arriving early to attend mass became a habit. Not because I liked to go to mass; it had more to do with my closest friends’ liking to go to morning mass. Hehe. And I did so like my friends. :-) I remember enjoying sunrises at the backfield with Chris and Don, especially on one of my birthdays… I miss those days. Anyways, in my first year of college, I tried vainly to maintain that habit. But with Chris gone to WMSU and Donnel not always attending mass either, I lost the wanting. Ever since, I haven’t gone to mass regularly, if at all. When I met Gim, he was very religious. Attending mass every Sunday, and serving at the altar most mornings. I’m afraid, due to my influence, and of course MedSchool!, his appetite for religious ceremony has waned. He, however, has managed to force me to attend mass at least three or four times a year, most notably on Christmas’ eve, New Year’s eve, Easter Sunday and his birthday (not mine, because on that day, we get to do what I want, which rarely calls for a Church visit, hehe).

Hmm, I’ve gone off topic. Hehe. Anyways. Before going to mass, we exchanged gifts. I got him a silver bracelet (well actually, it was stainless steel hehe) and a cute polo shirt which he had received earlier. He got me a lot of different things, which I’ve previously mentioned: a pair of earphones, a shoulder bag and three pretty bracelets. :-)

After the mass, we went home. I was expecting noche buena, and I kind of (I am shameful to admit) threw a fit because my family had *finished* it. To be fair, there was very little of it in the first place. To console me, Gim cooked for me ham and egg. *sigh* I miss those days when my dad was still alive. We’d always have food on the table during the holidays, all day long until the very next day. We’d all eat together on the table at dinnertime, or lunchtime, every day (not just the holidays). The house would be lighted up with parols, Christmas ornaments and Christmas lights. There would be lots of picture-taking, story-telling, gift-giving… It seems, with the passing of my father, those little joys have passed on as well. These days, the members of my family eat whenever time they want. Gifts are given rarely. The only Christmas ornament is the Christmas tree, and that was put up at the late date of December 24 this year. And there is no more picture-taking or story-telling… All of it is sad, really. So I envy greatly families that are still intact, and hope fervently, that I get my own family and my own home as soon as I can. A few more years, Gim and I always say. By 2009, we’ll both have graduated. He has another year to go for his internship and licensure exams. By 2010, he’ll be a doctor. Maybe by 2011, after a year of saving up, we can get married. Or maybe earlier. I look forward to that day. :-)

I sound like everything is bad right now. That’s not the case. On the contrary, everything is becoming better. Though Gim and I are not often together these days, with me living in Manila and him in Zamboanga – we’re both happy that we are moving forward with our lives. He’s becoming a doctor, and I am studying for my Masters degree in the school that I had always wanted to go to for a long, long time. We’re calling this our state of delayed gratification – both of us allowing this meantime suffering (that of being apart) to achieve a greater good (financial stability for the realization of our lifelong dream – get rich and get married, hehehe). Financially, we’re less broke. We’ve paid off our dear old Pao. Wow I just realized I had blogged that, I haven’t realized I’ve been blogging for so long! :-) We’ve been able to buy the gadgets we’ve been lusting for, for so long – me a laptop and a digicam (and an air conditioner for my room hehe), him a camphone. We even have postpaid lines now. Also, I am on better terms with my family. Things were much, much different a year or two ago. Much worse off. (I only blog about happy things hehe.)

So I’m very thankful, for my life. And though I am not religious, I do believe in God. And am thankful, for His many blessings. :-) (And Gim makes me pray before I eat.)

Here are some pics we took on Christmas eve:

Me opening a present from Gim. “Gimgim, these aren’t the chipipay earphones I asked for, are they???” I was just joking when I asked for earphones, and I was dismayed to find that’s what he gave (not chipipay though) ! But he was just teasing me! His real present was the bag, and the bracelets, and a belt. *chagrined* :-)

Posing in front of our Christmas tree. With the bag. Heehee. Melisse, Gim and I put up the tree and the lights. It looked so forlorn, without ornaments, because our dogs ate them. No, really. Thankfully my mom and/or Trisha added the poinsettias.

Gim’s turn. Doesn’t he look sexy in that shirt? No, that’s not the one I bought, unfortunately. Mine looks much better! *sticks tongue out*

Gim thoughtfully posing with the bracelet I gave him. I feel so chipipay I only had one present to give. To my defense though, I gave him a lot of pasalubong presents like chocolates, a polo shirt, a back scratcher, a travelling pillow and a sleeping eye mask. Er… yeah.

“Stop taking pictures of me!” Oh, I am not the paparazzi, you dolt! Hee, kidding lang, Gimpooch!

Oh! Now I remember why I was so upset when I got home. Chris had texted me during the mass that Donnel was in the hospital, and that it was an emergency, we should visit him. Gim and I rushed to the hospital right after mass, fearing for Donnel’s safety. When we got there, he was comfortably lying on the bed, everything seemingly alright, and the rest of my friends sitting around him, chatting as though nothing was the matter. I asked twice what was wrong with him, and they could not say. It turns out he was simply feeling under the weather and they were having tests done to see what was the matter. And that was an emergency, Chris??? Hmmpppfff! (Serves me right for not having called to check first.) Anyway, we stayed there around 30 minutes to chitchat and take a few pics, and it was around 11.30pm or later by this time and Gim and I hadn’t had anything to eat since lunch… Well, you can see how hungry we were when we got home. But anyways, it was fun to see Donnel at least once this holiday season, even if it was in a hospital. :-)

For more of my holiday pics, click here. Happy New Year!!!


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Barkada Christmas Get-Together

Posted on 01 January 2008 by Flisha

Three days before Christmas, my best friends and I reunited over lunch and chocolate cake. Raquel, Jotie, Chris and I enjoyed a buffet at Lantaka, a restaurant with a very beautiful sea view. I was unchaperoned by Gim, who had doctor duties at General Hospital, but managed to escape for a 30-minute lunch break, showing up unannounced and leaving me to take care of his bill. Hmmmpfff! He did not get any pictures. Haha.

I did not know there was an eat-all-you-can buffet at Lantaka every Sunday – it was Raquel who suggested the place. For only P175, it is quite inexpensive, but maybe my views have been affected by Manila prices. Hehe. I would have wanted to eat more than just one serving (it’s an EAYC affair, after all) but Gim’s arrival surprised me and I forgot. Hehehe.

After lunch, we decided to go visit Brian – as he had suddenly decided to pull out of our meeting with a terse text message the night before (“Something came up.”) – and force him to come with us visit Donnel, who was reportedly sick. Raquel drove us over to Brian’s boarding house whereupon Chris all but manhandled Brian to come with us. Hehe. It took a while, but then we were all set to visit Donnel. Unfortunately, he texted us that he was not at home but with his relatives. Hmmmppfff. How can he he sick but not at home???

Anyways, we decided not to go all the way up to Cabaluay anymore. What was the point? So we thought of having dessert, and we went to Antonio’s, an always-favorite restaurant with the young people of Zamboanga, and certainly Gim and I have had more than a few dates there. :) Antonio’s Restaurant has a very fresh ambience – open, wooden cottages amidst lots of trees and hills, and it has one of the best menus in town, with affordable prices at that. And free music. Can’t beat that. :)

We did a lot of catching up and taking photos. It’s always so much fun being with my friends. :) Here are a few photos, for more visit this link.

Me and Chris and Brian. On Raquel’s family’s van. (Thank you for the ride, Raq!)

Chris and Brian, accessorized to the max. Hehehe.

Jotie and Chris sitting in the front bench at Antonio’s Restaurant. That’s good lighting.

Me at the steps leading out of Antonio’s. Hmm, that’s bad lighting. Have to be more mindful of my choice photo backgrounds.

Raquel and me – awww, we’re missing Katrina!

Chris and Brian. Brian, you’ve lost a lotta weight. But you’ve upped your fashion sense. Heheh. Chris makes the best faces. Hehehe.

See what I mean? Hehehe. Jotie and Chris kinda look like a couple here, don’t they? Hehehe, joke lang. We all know you’re the best frenemies. :-)

Jotie and his headphones. Ahh, I think I know who Brian is starting to resemble. Hehehe, joke lang!

Raquel and me again. Who’s making you mad, Raq??

Brian and his peace sign. I’m with you for world peace!

Looking good there, Chris. Don’t make any more faces, okay? Hehehe.

Aww, the day is over… We’re going back to our respective homes. ‘Till next time!



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