Barkada Christmas Get-Together

Three days before Christmas, my best friends and I reunited over lunch and chocolate cake. Raquel, Jotie, Chris and I enjoyed a buffet at , a with a very beautiful sea view. I was unchaperoned by Gim, who had doctor duties at General Hospital, but managed to escape for a 30-minute lunch break, showing up unannounced and leaving me to take care of his bill. Hmmmpfff! He did not get any pictures. Haha.

I did not know there was an eat-all-you-can buffet at Lantaka every Sunday – it was Raquel who suggested the place. For only 75, it is quite inexpensive, but maybe my views have been affected by prices. Hehe. I would have wanted to eat more than just one serving (it’s an EAYC affair, after all) but Gim’s arrival surprised me and I forgot. Hehehe.

After lunch, we decided to go visit Brian – as he had suddenly decided to pull out of our meeting with a terse text message the night before (“Something came up.”) – and force him to come with us visit Donnel, who was reportedly sick. Raquel drove us over to Brian’s boarding house whereupon Chris all but manhandled Brian to come with us. Hehe. It took a while, but then we were all set to visit Donnel. Unfortunately, he texted us that he was not at home but with his relatives. Hmmmppfff. How can he he sick but not at home???

Anyways, we decided not to go all the way up to Cabaluay anymore. What was the point? So we thought of having dessert, and we went to Antonio’s, an always-favorite restaurant with the young people of , and certainly Gim and I have had more than a few dates there. :) Antonio’s Restaurant has a very fresh ambience – open, wooden cottages amidst lots of trees and hills, and it has one of the best menus in town, with affordable prices at that. And free music. Can’t beat that. :)

We did a lot of catching up and taking photos. It’s always so much fun being with my friends. :) Here are a few photos, for more visit this link.

Me and Chris and Brian. On Raquel’s family’s van. (Thank you for the ride, Raq!)

Chris and Brian, accessorized to the max. Hehehe.

Jotie and Chris sitting in the front bench at Antonio’s Restaurant. That’s good lighting.

Me at the steps leading out of Antonio’s. Hmm, that’s bad lighting. Have to be more mindful of my choice photo backgrounds.

Raquel and me – awww, we’re missing Katrina!

Chris and Brian. Brian, you’ve lost a lotta weight. But you’ve upped your fashion sense. Heheh. Chris makes the best faces. Hehehe.

See what I mean? Hehehe. Jotie and Chris kinda look like a couple here, don’t they? Hehehe, joke lang. We all know you’re the best frenemies. :-)

Jotie and his headphones. Ahh, I think I know who Brian is starting to resemble. Hehehe, joke lang!

Raquel and me again. Who’s making you mad, Raq??

Brian and his peace sign. I’m with you for world peace!

Looking good there, Chris. Don’t make any more faces, okay? Hehehe.

Aww, the day is over… We’re going back to our respective homes. ‘Till next time!