My Friends and I

Detox Tip #8: Unwind with friends. :-)

My barkada and I went out for dinner and drinks last night. We had an enormously good time – even if we all we did was sit, eat and talk about Brian. Hehehe. I’ll blog about that some other time, but for now I just want to display pictures of my friends. The last time I waxed sentimental about my friends, I showed horrible old pictures of us. This time, I’ll not wax anything anymore, I’ll just show their pictures. ;)

This is Donnel – famous in for his (overcoming) stutters; infamous for his senior year love triangle with *beep* and *beep*. Hehehe.

This is Raquel – famous in high school for her grades and good looks; infamous for dating AJ. (Hehehe!)

This is Jotie – famous in high school for his sassy humor; infamous for … his sassy humor, I guess. Hehehe.

This is Chris, my bestest friend of all – famous in high school for his friendliness and perfectly well-kept spaces; infamous for his many fastfood-nicknamed (boy) crushes.

This is me, famous for my love of boy bands (Ronan, how could you forsake me?!?); infamous for my (often tragic) journalistic attempts and apparently, (as my supposedly best friends informed me over laughter and lattes) my many (painful) connections with the floor.

We were just missing two – Brian, who’s on vacation in Pagadian, and Katrina, who’s probably never coming home (but is in HongKong, as of the moment). But it was hilariously fun, anyways. We even made a decision to meet up in in two months – and got the tickets too! There’s no going back!!! :-)

For more pictures of our first get-together of the year, visit this link.