A Laptop Realization

My hot tip: Do not place your laptop on your lap.

The word “laptop” is a misnomer. O.M.G.

How and when did I realize this?? Just recently, yep… Just when my laptop died on me!!!!!!! And then I researched. Frantically. For two weeks. And now I know. I am learned.

A laptop is not really meant to be put on the lap. No, no, no. Nor on any other body part. Not that I am experimental or anything. The laptop is meant to be placed on a flat solid surface. Why? So it can breathe! Underneath the laptop are many vents and fans that push hot air out and suck cold air in. I think. Mainly there is the fan that fans your laptop. It’s like airconditioning for your laptop. And then are those little tabs, or itsybitsy laptop feet I like to think, that I once thought were just for cuteness. They’re actually also serve a purpose.

What happens when you put it on a not-so-solid-or-flat surface? Like your lap? Which I always thought was its rightful place. Or my bed, which is also one of favorite places to place my laptop. What happens is that your lap (or the soft mounds of your bed, does yours have mounds??) blocks the air vents so it’s like you’re suffocating your laptop. It can’t breathe! It becomes hot! The hot air can’t get out! It’s like you locked your laptop in a box and tried to burn it! That’s what! So you must put it on a flat surface so those little laptop feet will actually be useful and take care of your laptop in that little cute way of theirs. Or your laptop will die!!

I know! I know!! This is important info!!! Yes. And that’s why I’m trying to save you the agony of seeing your laptop overheat and no longer have a will to live. Like my baby. That I just delivered to HP Service Center. *sob* Pray. Pray for us, my lappy and me.

So from now on, I will not call my laptop (if I still have one) laptop a laptop. It is a notebook. And no, you are not to prop it like the notebook you use in class. No.

We should really make a new name for these things. *Rolls eyes*


  1. Fli,

    CD-R King sells a laptop cooling pad for 380 pesos. You can dock your laptop on it, and there are additional fans so that the PC won’t overheat. I’m intending to get one for myself also.

  2. Yes… but when I get my laptop back I will sell it right away before it has a chance to let me down again hahah.

    Then I’ll buy a new one AND a cooling pad heheh.

  3. hey i did not know this. thanks for the info. i am fond of putting my laptop on my lap pa naman.

  4. *YOU* are such a KAWAII!!! omg! i love the way you write! reminds me of all the fun, cutesy, bubbly stuff that *YOU* are made of. you are just FUN personified. ;P

    btw, strange…i thought you knew about those lappytop vents…

  5. for a moment there i thought i had another stalker… and then, “oh! it’s just you.”