Return to Cawa-Cawa

Detox Tip #8: Have your fill of the sun, the sky and the sea.

After three lonely months in , I am finally reunited with my beloved . In , does not (often) have to be a luxury — you can partake of it anytime you like, and in great big amounts. I’m not a fan of street , but I looove punta. You might be grossed out to learn what it is, so I’ll just say it’s a chicken innard. And I love it. Hehe. There are many street vendors along Cawa-Cawa Boulevard, and they sell many things — softdrinks, green mango, balut, penoy, tempura, squid balls, barbecue, chicken skin, punta… It’s such a nice spot for relaxing and reveling in the beauty of my city. Gim took these pics of me, I was too busy enjoying my food to pay him much attention, heheh.

Finished my punta in five minutes! One minute per stick! Heheh. Color me embarrassed. But Gim just finds me cute and takes more pictures. Hehehe. Gim is the apple of my eye. My eyes are the windows to my soul. Can you see it?

Rocks below, sea ahead and sky above. In Zamboanga, we get used it, ignore it, take it for granted, forget it. But if you leave Zamboanga, you cannot forget.

The wonderful sky of Zamboanga… This you cannot find in the big city.

A fishing boat rests in the sunset. Lovers find a secluded place to talk.

Children from the nearby Sta. Cruz Islands? Sons of street vendors? Orphans who live underneath the concrete roads? Could be one, could be all… They seemed not to speak Chavacano much, but they sure liked to have their pictures taken. This engaging photo was taken by Gim.

A woman contemplates life on sea. She mans this banca alone, traverses dangerous currents with it. She lives in the islands nearby, the pink Sta. Cruz Islands. It is necessary to come to the city, her family needs the supplies. There is no commerce in the islands. I wonder how often she goes back and forth the islands throughout the day?

One more image of the weary boater, and from where she came.

Another lonely boat. Debris on the water.

And a stunning sunset (image courtesy of Gim) to cap off this post.


  1. the pictures are really nice. the last one and the one with the woman are my personal favorites. :)
    i always thought cawa-cawa would be an good place to take photos, but i could never muster up the courage to go there..hahaha. dunno why!!!

  2. heheh i think i know — baduy, right?? heheh i felt that way all through high school, never stepped on the place until after college. and even now when i go there i furtively look around to see if anybody might know me, and try to be as inconspicuous as possible haha.

    i think it has something to do with growing up in ateneo, sometimes we grow up thinking we’re too good for certain places heheh. (im only speaking for myself, you might have another reason hehe)

    but i’ve now realized it was a silly state of mind, and it’s such a shame not to explore every inch of our beautiful city. (just block out certain unsightly things you might encounter hehehe!)