Boyzone’s Coming Back Now

I’m coming home now…

Been so long now…

Gonna get there somehow…

And this where I’ll stay.

Weeks. Days. Hours. Minutes.

‘Til I’ll be home.

Hehehehehe. I still know the words after all these years! Omigod have you heard the news? Boyzone’s back!!!!!!!! Aeeeeiiiii!!!!! (screams and runs around in ecstasy)

Omigod. (giggling and reminiscing times)

I love(d) Boyzone. Stephen was the love of my life. I wrote him (them) a love letter. About how someday we’d meet and fall in love. Hekhekhek. I got a thank you fax in return. I lovingly kept it. A year later I opened it. The ink had faded and all I held was a blank sheet of memory. I was heartbroken.

Then Stephen came out as gay. I was hearbroken again.

Then I loved Ronan. I heard his mom died. I cried for him. I think I wrote him another letter. And then he married Yvonne. And I was heartbroken for the third time!

And then the band broke up. By that time, really, what was I to expect??? A mended heart? Haaiill no!

Heheheh. Ahhh, the memories. (I’m breaking out in a huuuuge fond smile right now hehehe)

I remember one time I didn’t sleep because Channel V was showing their concert Live in Winchester or something like that hehehe. It was the time they were known best for “Love me for a Reason” and they were just introducing “A Different Beat” and they were wearing those aluminum-foil like clothes, like they were super flashy astronauts and there was lotsa fire displays and dramatic entrances hehehehehe. And then they threw off their jackets and sang in their white sleeveless tight shirts. Hehehehehe. I was sooooo in love!!! And I sang along with them, and I cried when they sang “Let It Be”.

When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom, let it be…

And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me

Speaking words of wisdom, let it be…

Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be…

Whisper words of wisdom, let it be…

Heheheheh. And I screamed and cheered when they did “So Good”.

We’re gonna be so good

Like I knew we would

Like only we could

Come on and hear me now

Gonna be so good

Cos it’s understood

Like I knew we should

So good now, baby!

Even though the lyrics were pure nonsense hehehehe! I still loved their dance moves though, oh and yeah they were showing off their arms again hehehehe.

And then when they finally finished, I was one with the fans shrieking “Encore! Encore!!!!!” And then they come out again with “A Different Beat” and there I am cheering and screaming their names! Hehehehehe.

Omigod. Sooooo crazy!!!! Hehehehehe. And then Channel V reran it over and over and over. And I didn’t stop watching, I swear!!!!!!! And that’s why I didn’t sleep the whole night until the next day when they finally started showing their regular eps.

Hahahah, gosh, I was so crazy.

Migod. And they’re back! And they’re hottt!!! (Well, okayyy maybe not so much anymore hehehe.) Lookie at these new pics!!! They’re making a comeback and going on a tour and everything! Omigod omigod omigod! Heheheh!

They’re nekkkidddd! Omigod omigod! Hahahaha! Were were these pics when ten years ago???? Heheheh wow is this real??? I think it’s Photoshop hehehehe. Looking damn fine, though! Hehehehe! Nekkid Keith! Nekkid Stephen! Nekkid Ronan! Nekkid Mikey! and Nekkid whats-his-name. Oh Shane. Right. Like my friend Brian’s boyfriend. Hehehehe. Oh. Now I regret making that comparison. Hahahahaha!

Stephen! What is that female butt doing behind you??? Didn’t you already come out years ago??? I should’ve guessed, when you were asked what you wanted most in life and you said you wanted to sing a Disney song. Hahahahahaha. And all those high notes of yours. But, really, you did a great job in Hercules. (He sang “Shooting Star”.) Hehehe. I still love you. Now only like a sister, though. Hehehehe.

Whooo! Ronan I’ve never seen you this nekkid before. Oh right. I just saw you in a hat and nothing else two pictures ago. Heheheheh. Wow I didn’t know all this lay underneath your clothes. Hehehehehe. He was so dreamy in the vid for “A Different Beat”. You should Youtube it.

Okay this looks awkward. Hehehehe. What does Yvonne think of this??? And your babies!! Honey, you look like you need less tight pants, too. Just saying… Hehehehehehe.

Hot! Keith isn’t my fave boy but he looks way hotter than everyone else right now hahahahah.

Don’t they look cuter covered up? Hehehehehe.

Okay now let’s have a giggle and look at some old pics. Gosh I had to search and search for these. Back in high school when the Internet was still new and nobody had blogs yet and everybody had a website in either Tripod or (hehehe) there were soooo many Boyzone websites! We even had these “rings” of websites affiliated with Boyzone and we’d be emailing each other Boyzone stuff and all. And there were “zines” which was like the beginning of social networking I guess heheheh. I’d download all these scanned pics of Boyzone (‘coz nobody had digital cams then and so everyone would just scan from mags and post the pics online, complete with that plaid pattern that comes with scanning at too high a resolution hehehe).

Ahahahahahahahah!!! Awww. Haha. Hay. Don’t they look so clean and sweet here? Hehehehe, they made all the girls fall in love! Especially Stephen with those puppy eyes and small feminine face. Hahaha. Ayayayay. And Ronan, so cute and dreamy. Heheheh. And the backups singers. Hehehe just kidding. I’ll always remember Mikey’s birthday! Because it’s the same as mine! Hehehe!

Hmmm, I think this is in their “A Different Beat” days. They look a bit older, but just the right age. Not too preppy, not geeky, just casual and hot. Hehehehe. But why does Shane look like he wants to rape me or something? Nooooo!!!!! Hahahahaha. I never really liked that guy. Creepy. Hehehe. And I don’t think he sang ANYthing except for back-up melodies. Really. Keith had those few moments of British rapping or he would do those conversation parts in the song. Hehehe. “Weeks. Hours. Minutes.” Hahaha. And Ronan and Stephen let Mikey sing a whole song too! It wasn’t made into a single though. And I forget now what it was. Heheheh. But poor Shane, I don’t think he got a break. :-( Maybe that’s why he looks so surly. Heheheh.

Hahahahah! This is so “Love Me for a Reason” time. Have you watched that vid? It is THE most corny vid ever! Hehehe. I used to cringe whenever I saw it (though at the same time tried to shake the cringe off and sing along at the top of my lungs hehehe). I can tell from Ronan’s geeky haircut. See, that’s why I initially like Stephen. Ronan looked like a nerd!!! Hehehe. He sure grew up nice though. Hehehe.

Here, see. Ronan’s all manly man. This is from… hmmm… Could it be “Isn’t it a Wonder”??? Was that the song title? I’m not sure. I think not. But hey, Ronan’s supposed to be wearing the sleeveless top not Keith! Maybe I’m wrong… Oh but I remember this is one of the vids where I sooo fell in love with Ronan. Heehee. Perfectly dreamy.

Gosh. Memories, memories. There are geekier pics of them, too bad I can’t find them anymore. Hehehe.

I am soooo excited for their comeback! They’ll be touring and stuff! Whooh! Hope they got some new sounds! Accckkk! Still can’t believe it. Hehehehe.

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*Runs to gorge Youtub vids!*