Learning Kanji Day 4

Kanji wa taihen muzukashii desu! That means, Kanji is very difficult!

We learn only 5 Kanji per day, and our sensei (teacher) spends two hours teaching us the 5 Kanji. Learning to draw the characters takes a lot of time. As you can see from the chart, one Kanji has very many strokes. The most advanced Kanji we’ve been taught so far requires 8 strokes, and we only know 20 characters yet! There are 100 characters we have to learn before the semester ends. And the Japanese have about 3000+ Kanji!!

Hay. I can’t believe Japanese and Chinese children are tortured this way!! Kanji may be symbolic (each Kanji means something) but it’s still hard to memorize the characters. I wonder how many Kanji the Chinese (the ones who invented Kanji) have???

Hehe, but it is quite fun learning Japanese. It’s fun trying to read the labels on my Japanese stuff. Sometimes I read a word in Katakana and then I get what it means. Like the word for toilet in Japanese is “toire”. (Not that I have a Jap toilet.) The word for juice is “jusu”. For coffee is “kohi”. For curry rice, it’s “kare raisu”. Hehehe. I feels so silly when made to read out English words in the Japanese accent, I feel like I’m bastardizing my own language (which is what I’m doing I suppose). Hahaha.

I think I am gonna miss this class when it’s done.


  1. I always want to learn Japanese. But just learning bit by bit and only recognize a few Hiragana..haha

    For Kanji, I don’t have problems writing them, because I’m a Chinese and it looks very much like most of the traditional Chinese characters.

    Learning different languages is fun.

  2. haha! they *are* chinese! that’s what i used to learn when i was in kidergarten! bumbum, imisu! hehe.