Nihongo Basic Intensive Course: Final Day

Yesterday was the last day of class in my Nihongo Basic Intensive Course. The other day we had taken the JLPT 4 of 2006 so the morning of yesterday our teachers gave us back our results. (Yes, I passed. Flying colors in Kanji, yey heheh. But don’t ask me about listening and grammar!!! Just trust me when I say I passed heheheh.)

It was a bittersweet (Click Five moment: she’s so bittersweet, she knocks me off of my feet, and I can’t help myself I don’t want anyone else… sorry I’m just into Eric Dill right now hehehe.) day. Relieved to not be waking up so early every single day anymore, but at the same time very sad not to be thinking in Nihongo every single day anymore too…

But at least I brought my cam and saved all the good memories! Lookie:

Hirayama Sensei reacts to receiving the class’s loveletter. Hehe.

Ah! Tegami desu ka? Sugoi desu ne!” Okay, I just made that up. Hehehe. Doesn’t he look as though he’s thinking that, though? Heheheh.

The look on his face is priceless!! He looks so fond of the letter hehehe. Kawaii!

Showing everybody the letter. Kevin drew him up as a rabbit (usagi; maybe ‘coz he’s always in a rush??) I think. Complete with the tidy beard and laughing eyes. So right on the mark haha!

Smiling for the camera. Too bad I forgot to put the cam on high resolution mode… I never did get to read the front of the card. It was all in Japanese!!! Hehehe…

One last pose. Ahaha whenever I see or think of Hirayama Sensei I want to laugh, hehe. He just always looks so funny. Like he’s suppressing all laughter. Hehe.

Tajima Sensei’s turn.

Look at how happy she looks hehehe. She was like that on her birthday too, when Kevin surprised her with a caricature on the board (she sadly lingered a lot before erasing heheh) and we gave her a happy birthday letter and sang her the happy birthday song.

Happily asking us when we made it. The other day, we answered. We tried our best to discreetly write the messages, but there were some close calls, hehehe.

Arigatou gozaimasu!!!” Isn’t she kirei? Hehehe.

Too bad I wasn’t able to take Fujimori Sensei’s pic! Hers would’ve been the best had I not (again, grr me, grr me) been late. I arrived in class to see our sensei in tears!! She had just received the letter and she was overwhelmed with emotion. Awww!! (She’s my favorite sensei, hehehe.)

Our mad dash to the Nihongo faculty workroom to take pics with/of our senseis.

Tajima Sensei at her workdesk.

Masako-san posing with Fujimori Sensei.

Aii, it’s blurred. :-( My lunchmate Cristina-san with Fujimori Sensei.

Me flashing my chizu sign with Fujimori Sensei, hehehe.

Chizu with Hirayama Sensei. I just noticed he always presses his lips tightly when in front of a camera hehehe.

Chizu with Tajima Sensei. Yeyyy, the all-important chizu-with-sensei’s are complete! Hehehe.

Nihongo Basic no onna no hito desu! Hehehe. From the left, Tajima Sensei, Fujimori Sensei, Masako-san, Missy-san, Ferisha-san (‘coz of course the name “Flisha” is simply unpronounciable in Japanese hehe) and Cristina-san. Too bad Tina-san wasn’t able to make it, she was baby-sitting (not her newborn hehe).

Another pic of us girls and the powerful chizu!!!

One more! And Cristina-san retires her chizu and goes for the demure look. Hehehe. There were lots of cameras around that’s why we’re not looking towards this camholder. Papazarri alert!

Nihongo Basic no otoko no hito desu. Ah, is the powerful chizu only for girls??? This pic looks awkward, hehehe. I should have cropped them each and posted their pics individually. L-R: Hirayama Sensei, Kevin-san and Ronarudo-san (also known as Ronald hehehe).

See don’t they look like they’re in different worlds (pic-wise)? Hehehe. See, they should’ve used the power of the chizu that almightily unites. Hehehehehehe.

Now they’re trying jump shots. Look at Hirayama Sensei!!!!! Hahahahaha! Sooo ROFL!!!

Another classic from Hirayama Sensei. Hahahaha. I can’t help it!!!!

After a few jump shots that JUST weren’t going right, they decided to fake it. Ahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! (I’m in tears.)

UP Alumni resutoran de hiru gohan o tabemashita.

Me, Missy-san and Masako-san. Missy is Filipino but sometimes looks Chinese, sometimes Korean. Hehehe. She’s very kikay (that’s Tagalog not Japanese) heheh. Masako is half-Filipino half-Japanese and always looks kawaii and she reminds me of my sister Melisse (except my sister’s kaartehan hehehe!).

Ronarudo-san, watchu smirking at? Kevin-san, umm, it’s a pic not a failing grade. Hehehehe.

Cristina-san with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Carl.

She’s so happy ‘coz now they’re on-again. *singsong voice* Don’t tell the other one!

Finally, the graduation ceremony! Tan-tan-tanan… Okay I’m supposed to be humming the traditional graduation hymn but um it kinda morphed into the Star Wars theme! Hehehehe my brain needs to defragment I think.

Congratulations, Kevin-san!

Congratulations, Ronarudo-san!

Congratulations, Cristina-san!

Congratulations, Masako-san!

Congratulations, Missy-san!

And congratulations to meeeeh!!!

Group Pics!!!

Aww, the class in its entirety (minus Tina-san, drat!). L-R: Kevin-san, Cristina-san, Missy-san, Masako-san, Watashi (me!), Ronarudo-san, Fujimori Sensei, Tajima Sensei and Hirayama Sensei.

Mo ichido! (One more time hehehe.) To the senseis, domo arigatou gozaimashita!! Minna wa yasashi desu! :-)

Some silly after-pics.

E no mae ni watashi to Cristina-san shashin o torimasu! That *sounds* about right. Hehehehe. I’m still so sucky at Nihongo grammar hehehe.

Kevin-san feeling amorous with the painting. Whatever rocks your boat. Hehehe. One thing’s for sure, we do love our photo ops! Hehehe.

Oh, oh, and here’s my certificate!

And a loveletter from the senseis hehehe.

Afterwards we sang our hearts out at Red Box, a videoke place at Trinoma. It was a lotta fun (though I kinda went “huuuhh?? e?” when they started singing Japanese-only songs hehehe). I’ll post the videos maybe tomorrow. ;-)

P.S. Click the images for a better view!


  1. wow! so you’ve finished this class? i’m quite envious ‘coz i’ve always wanted to study japanese and i’m thinking of enrolling myself in a class. mahirap mag self-study eh. :(

  2. are you from manila ba? there are a lot of schools here that offer japanese studies. in fact i am thinking of taking the next module by august at UP Diliman hehehe. its addictive!