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I Won an iPod Shuffle!

Posted on 13 June 2008 by Flisha

Remember a few weeks ago I blogged about Yugatech and Tradeport giving away five iPod shuffles for the launch of the Tradeport forums?

Well, guess what?? Yugatech released the contest winners a few days ago, and I actually won an iPod shuffle!!! Yeah!!!

I’ve joined quite a few online over the years but this is the best prize I’ve ever gotten hehehe. I think it’s karma. I gave the same exact iPod shuffle (except it was silver) to my sister for her graduation last March. Now I have one too, in blue! (It’s really more of a violet color but since my favorite color is blue and it’s close enough when the light shines on it in a certain way, why not call it blue?)

Have a look at my new iPod! Hehehe.

Isn’t it pretty? And just because lately my traffic’s been rising (due to Entrecard, thank you very much!) and I’m elated at being able to monetize this blog (due to SocialSpark, thank you thank you!) and I’m feeling pretty (due to Gimmi telling me so, thank you love)…

Hehehehehehehe!!! That’s me right after a bath! I was so excited to use my new iPod I couldn’t wait! :D

Thank you Yuga and Tradeport!!!


  1. Brittany E. says:

    Thats awesome, I’m so unlucky, I never win a thing :)

  2. Jenaisle says:

    You’re having a great week, Thank God for that. Share your joy and infect other people with it.


  3. Flisha says:

    hi brittany, well i’ve had my fair share of not winning too. just join more contests heheh!

    jenaisle – you’re right i am! i hope everyone has a great week too :)

  4. ryann says:

    uy nanalo ka na fli. congrats!

  5. Flisha says:

    hi rye! yup finally :) btw how are your studies? i miss adzu! hehehe

  6. Flisha says:

    haha only you and i would think so hahahaha.

  7. Heidee says:

    hahaha fli, ara lang yo ste yamira. you and i have the same ipod shuffle. i "won" mine too, from p&g. it was actually the yearend gift, but they didn't say so immediately, pretended that they were gonna raffle them off.. kabar in the end they send everyone wins one.
    see you on monday!


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