Missing Gim Lots…

My boyfriend Gim and I have been toughing it out the past year. He’s in and I’m in . I miss him so bad my tooth sometimes aches! Yeah…

And tomorrow’s our sixth anniversary… we’re not gonna be together. *very very very very sad* We’ve never been apart all our anniversaries. I was gonna describe here all the ways we spent our past five annivs, but I’ve never been good at memorizing. Gim could tell it all, though, he’s the one with photographic memory. :-) He’d list down all the days, times, places — of all of our dates — and he’d be right on the mark, too, down to the minute, ‘coz I’d be able to recall when he’d tell me the story of our past. Ohgod I hope this isn’t a sign of my someday having Alzeihmer’s! Ekkk we’d end up like Noah and Allie in The Notebook!!! Hehehehe.

Anyway, right at this moment (7PM) he’s probably sitting on the bus towards Dipolog, awaiting his new (na naman) life. It’s his last year as a med student, and he’ll be spending a year in Dapitan doing his thesis. (I’m sooo excited to visit him in August! :-)) So tomorrow, June 3, he’ll be in Dapitan. He says he’s gonna dine at Port Orient (a little shack of a right on the seashore) while watching the sun go down and think of me and eat grilled squid for me. Waaahh, he knows it’s my favorite seafood ever!!! *cry*

Tomorrow what am I gonna do? Hmm I’ll sleep in the whole morning (‘coz I no longer have Japanese classes to look forward to) and maybe order some junk for lunch and watch TV and blog. About missing Gim. Like today. Waaahhh! I wish I were with Gim.

Gimmi, I wish I were with you. We’d have so much fun together in the bus. I’d help you load your whole life onto the bus and then we’d cuddle (if uncomfortably because our legs are so long and the seats so close together) sweetly and look out into the mountains and the sun and the clouds and the seas as the bus sped by. And we’d talk and talk and talk, and I’d battle you for the chance to speak, ‘coz you know you’re so tabian… And then we’d get arrive in Dipolog and I’d be grumpy ‘coz I wasn’t able to sleep while you snored indifferently the whole night long. And I’d be maarte and you’d coddle and pacify me like I was a little child throwing a tantrum, and then I’d laugh and smile and love you right back then, and we’d be merrily on our way to Dapitan and entering into a new year-life.

Ahh, I wish that were true. But alas, I’m stuck here for the moment, and so are you, there. And all I have are these pics of you from the most recent time we met.

Tomorrow we celebrate six beautiful years and loving and being loved. And even though we’re apart, you know we’ll always find a way to be with one another.

Hay… thank goodness for Sun Cellular. Hehehehe.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. Hehehehehehe.


  1. hey hon…*sigh* do i miss you! can’t help but tear up over these pics and this post…wish we could have those times back. sometimes it just seems so hard, but i know and have full faith that someday soon, we’ll reap the rewards of our sacrifices. keep well always. i love you…