Pineapple Detox

You know, for a site that’s entitled Random Detoxification, I don’t really much talk about detoxifying, do I? That’s because my idea of “detox” isn’t really dieting, or fasting. It’s more about relaxing, like taking a nice, long trip or just lying on the grass staring at the sky (no buildings in sight, please!) or hugging my boyfriend. *pure happiness* :D

However, these things are quite far from grasp lately. Being in , so far away from everything I love, it breaks me down, slowly, maddeningly. So instead I grasp on to small pleasures.

I eat a lot. Haha. Like this has not been an addiction all my life. But it’s worse here in Manila. I’m only thankful I have to walk a lot here, so that kinda balances my weight out. Still heavy, but at least not more than when I arrived, hehe.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you my new favorite drink. It’s pineapple juice fiber-enriched from Del Monte!! Hehehe. It’s all over TV these days, and at first I thought it was all hype. But I decided to try it, in lieu of my all-time favorites Diet Coke/Pepsi, and it was surprisingly a nice switch!

It’s not as satisfying (in terms of thirst quenching) as the evil-yet-addictive sodas but the things it does to your body is just really — healthfully satisfying. Hehehe.

I often suffer from stomach cramps and constipation. (Yeah yeah, from eating too much!) Del Monte Fiber-Enriched Pineapple Juice solves this by um, flushing out all the toxins from my body. Hekhekhek, ya know what I mean.

I still haven’t kicked my soda-drinking habit (I shamefully indulge once or twice a week. Okay, maybe more.) but I’m slowly weaning away. Now I know it’s all that carbonation that gives me the stomach cramps. Whenever I drink a can of Diet Coke, I KNOW I’m gonna be dreadfully sorry in an hour or so. Kinda like right now. Hehehe.

I’d really really like to try a juice fast one of these days. Like maybe a whole 3 days of just pure juice intake, nothing else. ‘Coz drinking all that juice makes me feel so healthy, active and lifts my mood too hehehe. I just don’t know if I can withstand a rumbling tummy for a happy disposition. Hehehe.

If (or when!) I’m successful, you’ll be the first to know. Hehehe.