Pinoy Bloggers Take Over the Blogosphere

I am astounded at how many are active in the blogging community. I was browsing BlogCatalag a few days ago, and I found there were 3272 Filipino blogs registered, placing the country at the #4 spot of all the countries with most blogs (registered with BlogCatalog)! India is at #3 with 4786, Canada is at #2 with 4814, while the UK reigns at #1 with 7257 blogs total.

Wow. Even online I’m surrounded by my kababayan (countrymen)! Hehehe.

I suppose the reason that Filipinos love blogging is because we’re very socially-oriented as a people (and blogging is a social pursuit, wouldn’t you say?).

I mean, there’s no concept of a “nuclear family” here because under one roof, you often have the mama, the papa, the children, the lola (grandmother), the lolo (grandfather), even yayas (nannies) and helpers, and sometimes other relatives, all living together as one family.

We are not comfortable being alone. Take for example eating. I often see American shows where people enjoy eating alone in a . In the Philippines, that would feel extremely uncomfortable. Eating is often a social event. When someone is eating (or is about to eat) and sees someone without , it is customary to say “Kain tayo!” or “Let’s eat!”, an invitation. (If you don’t say it, you will look rude.)

Filipinos always actively seek company, and love to share stories and chika (gossip). Thus the concept of a barkada, or a circle of best friends.

So the social nature of Filipinos complements the social nature of blogging. Plus, English being one of the Philippines’ two official languages, I guess it’s no wonder why Filipinos love to blog. It’s easy, it’s natural and it’s what we’ve always been used to, just on a different platform.

Are you a Pinoy ? Do you think we’re taking over?


  1. Correct observations, and our familiarity with the English language contributes a lot to our keen interest in blogging.

    Good post. Keep posting.

  2. Thanks! Your use of words was excellent to give me a feel for your culture, I enjoyed your post :)

  3. Thanks for visiting Only in Silence. Mabuhay ang Filipino bloggers. Happy blogging! ;o)

  4. The next thing we should be thinking would be how to exploit this for the benefit of our country.