Revamping the Site

I am currently in the middle of revamping my blog. I decided it on a whim around 2am last night and haven’t slept since. If you’re visiting and some things are off, just come back in a bit, there are still a lotta kinks I’m fixing up (oh you know what I mean).

But I couldn’t wait to show you my snazzy new look! :-) The header I used is actually one of the pictures I took of my hometown, and then I processed it in Picnik (because my Photoshop somehow got corrupted and I’m hating Gimp). Tell me how you like it! :-)

I’m saving up a snapshot of my old design for sentimentality’s sake. I realize that this is my fourth major redesign and yet I was not able to save my old themes. The first design was a basic template, the second design was of yellow flowers (the sweet-smelling ilang-ilang) and the third design was flowery pink (Self Absorbed Female theme).

I’m now onto my fifth design, which you will all see very very soon. :-)

Update: Yay it’s up! Tell me if you run into any problems! And tell me what you think of the new design! :-) Do you love it or hate it? How can I better it??


  1. I really like your new template and all the navigation on top. I’ve noticed you have a great rank of traffic according to your Alexa. However, it seems to me a bit crowded on the two right columns. Maybe you might want to read this post.

    Thanks for your work on Blogger in Draft, we’ve made a post on it.

  2. Hi thank you for your review, my best regards to your site.

    You’re right about the ad mess, I’m still trying to tweak my blog to maximize my real estate without overwhelming my readers.

    I checked out your blog and you have a great balance of ad and content.

  3. see! i toldja its a bit crowded on the right, bun. hehe. but its a whole lot better over-all. easier on the eyes, definitely :)

    as always, i love you! mwah!

  4. oh and one more thing, could you make the fonts a wee bit bigger? hehe. on second thought, scratch that. i guess its just my eyes acting up again. hehe mwah!

  5. gim, if you couldn’t read the code i posted, don’t worry it’s not just you heheh. i had to make the fonts teeny weeny so the code wouldn’t overlap my sidebar.

    and you said last time my sidebar occupied “half” of my page. it doesn’t!