Just because…

…I miss them. Hehehehe. I am so senti, I know!!!

This was taken a few months ago when my barkada came over to Manila and we spent a day at Enchanted Kingdom. We’re on one of the smaller rollercoaster rides here. (The Space Shuttle was broken, alas :[ )

I was just browsing through our photo CD and found this one to be quite representative of our friendship. Hehehe.

Raquel and Donnel (front of the pic), always buddies. They’re the bad guys, they love to tease. One time I was reciting a poem in class, and I was so passionately focused on the force of my speech and the appropriateness of my gestures I totally mispronouced the word “invitation”. I know! How can you mispronouce that??? (I said it as een-VAI-tei-shun, like you know, een-VAIT)

They’ve never let me live it down.

Me and Chris (at the back), forever best friends. We’re the good ones, we always try to be nice to other people. Hehehe. But weirdly, we end up squabbling all the time. I think not a week went by without us screeching at each other for some trivial matter. Hehehe. It always resolved itself, though. Oh and we love giving each mementos. I’ve gotten so many mugs, figurines, letters and photos (Of himself. That I did not ask for. But that he gave anyways.) from him my closet’s overfull and I think most of what was breakable… broke.


If Kat were there, she’d be seating next to Jotie (in the middle). They’re always together, too. And if Brian were there, he’d sit anywhere he liked, but maybe he’d try to be nearer Kat.

(They had a thing. Or, well, he did. Hehehehe. Double shhh!!!)

Oh gosh we’re all so grown up now. But we’ll always be high schoolers at heart. :-)


  1. I was smiling when I was reading this post. You’re a good writer. You could write both funny posts and serious posts.

    I remember when I was in highschool too -several decade ago- and yes , those were the days of fun and joy. High school is the merriest among the years spent in school because of the growing up process. The firsts in almost everything; first date, first crush, first kiss, etc.. he he he..(see, I remember?)

    I wish I had stopped by more often before, but I will now.

    Great and refreshing posts, makes me feel young at heart (he he he.)
    But I guess I’m your mother.(with regards to age)

    Keep posting.

  2. hi jenaisle –

    only the body ages, the mind rarely does. er, i mean that in a good way. hehehe.

    your first kiss in high school? lucky you, i had to wait til college hehe.