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Long Distance Relationships

Posted on 29 July 2008 by Flisha

I haven’t seen the bastard in almost five months. Hmph. I’m in northern Philippines and he’s in southern Philippines. We’re 7,000 islands apart.

I haven’t had a kiss, a hug or a cheek pinch (the wholesome cheek) in forever! The only time I get to see my Gim is during our Yahoo video chats.

Here’s what we do online.

Fli-fli: Gim-gim !!!

Gim-gim: Fli-fli !!!

Fli-fli: Hey I have an idea… Lightbulb lights up!

Fli-fli: Let’s pretend we’re kissing each other!!! Hee!! Giggles.

Gim-gim: Like this??? Puckers.

Fli-fli: No. Passionately. Like this. Closes eyes.

Gim-gim: Ohhhh I see… Mmmmwww–


Fli-fli: No Gim-gim! Chuckles, giggles. You look like a monkeeey! Like thiiiiis!

Gim-gim: Like this??? Laughing uncontrollably.


Fli-fli: No! Natural! Like this! See?

Gim-gim. Ohhhh. My neck is starting to ache…


Fli-fli: Just one more time Gim-gim!!

Gim-gim: Like this???

Fli-fli: Oh never mind!!!


I Love The Whole World

Posted on 28 July 2008 by Flisha

I love Discovery Channel. And I love their newest commercial. ;-)

My favorite part is Bear Grylls tenderly singing “I love arachnids.” Heheheh. Isn’t he the cutest???

What’s your favorite part? What do you love about the world?

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My Robot Deja Vu

Posted on 26 July 2008 by Flisha

Okay, so I’m browsing BoingBoing (one of my favoritest websites in the whole wide web evarrrr!), and they have a post on a Japanese sunblock commercial featuring a fembot. (Their beef is that it’s creepy, but I don’t think she is, then again I’m biased.)

The screencap looks familiar so I clickthrough to watch the video. Here it is, have a watch.

The first few seconds confirm my gut feeling. I’ve seen that robot! I’ve seen her and I’ve touched her!! Have I told you guys the reason I went to Japan earlier this year? It was for a tour of the Computer Science laboratories in NAIST, a university in Japan.

We were introduced to a robot in one of the laboratories. The lab geeks named her, but I forgot now what she was called. Those boys were really attached to her. You could tell by the way they affectionately looked at her and how tenderly they fixed her hair before us, haha. I’m serious!!! (My friends and I later wondered what her true relationship with her boys were hahahaha.)

The lab didn’t create the robot. They bought her for experimental purposes. It was the Robotics lab, by the way. So they did have a legit reason. Hahaha. The robot is made by Sanrio, the same company that makes Hello Kitty and Kerokeroppi (my favorite brands from childhood hahaha).

She’s quite pretty, that robot. Her skin is made of silicon, and the boys let us touch her, and her skin really did feel eerily real. Her hair is made from real human hair. But her makeup is painted on hehe.

We had a few burning questions for the lab geeks. First off, was she anatomically accurate??? Yes, they answered. Hehehehehe. We didn’t ask any follow up questions from that, but were they burning in ours heads? Oh yes. Hahaha.

We jokingly asked if she could be pieced apart like a mannequin, since she’s just a pretty computer. Maybe change her arms, or change her head. We really were just joking. Guess what we were told??? She can change her boobies!!! Hahahaha! I think the lab had a few sizes stored somewhere. Hahahaha! Now you see why we were wondering what she truly meant to the lab hahahaha! A lab that made up of all men, for your information, hahaha.

The lab could control her actions, like eye blinks, or head turning, or voicing out something… I’m saying that BoingBoing video is NOT creepy. The fembot in the video is actually likeable. They should have seen the fembot at the lab, hehe. Now SHE was creepy.

The fembot had a range of emotions. She could look happy, look sad, look angry, and of course shift from one to another in a blink of an eye. Scary hehehe. And it seemed that from the angle we were looking at her, she was staring back at us!!! Doubly scary hahaha.

The lab showed us how they could control the fembot. Of course, at times they would stop showing her off to talk to us, and at times like that sometimes her head would just suddenly fall, or her face lose all expression… hahaha.

It was really one of the most interesting tours we had at NAIST. :-)



Japanese Temple

Posted on 24 July 2008 by Flisha

I’m not good at night shots but I think I did this one justice… What do you think?

One of the most famous temples in Kyoto. Argh, I wish I could tell you the name, but Japanese names are just too hard to remember! But if you’ve been to Kyoto, you’ve probably been here, because it’s at the end of the famous street where all foreigners go shopping for Kyoto sweets and souvenirs, hehehe.

A majestic view from the temple too, as it sits on the top of a mountain. But ah, that is for another post. :-)


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How to Use a GoDaddy Domain with Blogger

Posted on 21 July 2008 by Flisha

Had a bit of trouble setting up the domain I impulsively bought last night so I decided to create a tutorial for all of you who might be thinking of setting up a GoDaddy domain with Blogger.

First, log in your GoDaddy account. Then, hover your mouse over the Domains tab and click on My Domains.

That will bring you to the Domains page. Click on your domain name. That will bring you to the page below. Click on Total DNS Control and MX Records.

You should now be inside the Domain Manager. You will be modifying one and adding another CNAME here. Do not delete or alter your A Record (Host). (Some tutorials will tell you to do that, but it will only cause trouble later on.)

Modify the CNAME for the host (alias) named www and point it to This means that if a user types in, Google will dynamically point the user to any Google server that’s available and loads your page fastest.

So now your should work fine upon publishing in Google (it won’t yet, you haven’t set up Blogger yet). But what if a user decides to just type, without the www prefix? It will probably load up the GoDaddy parked website. So you have to add another CNAME with the host as and point it also to

And that is all we have to do on the GoDaddy front. Let’s now move on to your Blogger account. Login to your Blogger account, select your blog, and go to the Settings tab and then click on the Publishing subtab.

Right now you’re publishing on Blogger, but we want to use your new domain name so go ahead and click on Custom Domain.


Okay, that will bring you to the page below.

On the same page, click on Switch to Advanced Settings, like in the screenshot below.

On the Advanced Settings page, type your domain name in the box. Don’t forget the www prefix. Then press the Save Settings button.


Now your domain which is should be working. However the URL is probably still parked at GoDaddy. Let’s remedy that, shall we? Check the checkbox that will allow Google to redirect to, like in the screenshot. Then Save Settings again.


Voila! Now both ways of typing in your URL are working! Yay!

Okay no. It might not work RIGHT away. Or maybe it will. This one: will probably work right away. But this one: might take a few minutes to an hour or maybe more, not sure. So if it’s not working, give it a couple of hours.

Don’t go tweaking all your other settings in vain. Don’t listen to people telling you to delete your A record, forward this, redirect that… Because I did and it caused me a lot of headache last night! Until I figured out the meaning of patience. Hahaha.

Good luck!



Adsense Strange Behavior

Posted on 17 July 2008 by Flisha

Hmmm… This strange Google ad replaced my normal Google adsense today. It’s normally supposed to look like the ad links that you see above.

I left Firefox and viewed my page in IE and it was still there. I refreshed the page in Firefox and it went back the normal ad links. Luckily I had the good sense to make a screenshot of it.

I did a search on “Google View Ads About” and it turned up some paltry results. Apparently it’s been around for quite some time. The general thesis is that it shows up when there aren’t enough relevant keywords to generate an ad.

That sucks… Gotta get back in the niche!


I Stole My Sister’s Biscuits

Posted on 16 July 2008 by Flisha

Aren’t they cute???

They’re called Yan-Yan.

They come in a tall cup with a bit of chocolate dip inside.

My sister wasn’t home and I was craving for a snack…

So I stole a pack, hehe.

They’re so cute. They have text on the biscuits!! Hehe. They used to be just plain biscuits.

Now they have drawings of animals! And little descriptions like “Seal: Loves to Sun Tan”. Hehehe.


Turtle Power

Posted on 14 July 2008 by Flisha

Have you ever seen so many turtles congregated together in one spot??? These are turtles in a lake in Kyoto, just bumming around, catching some sun, livin’ the life…

A normal day in scenic Kyoto…



Posted on 14 July 2008 by Flisha

These are, I believe, cherry blossoms. But I could be wrong. I don’t know, I probably am. Hehehe.

But they’re beautiful anyway. This is another photo from Kyoto, from one of the temples I visited.

Click on the pic for a closer look. It gets even prettier. :-)


My New Entrecard Image

Posted on 13 July 2008 by Flisha

If you’re not seeing me around Entrecard anymore, it doesn’t mean I’m not there.

I’ve just made myself a new card! Hehehe.

Melanie in my Shoutbox said she saw me all over EC. Then Wind Mill said I’m on her badge. Hehehe. Truth is, I’ve been advertising heavily on EC to boost my rank and drops.

It’s working but I’m kinda embarrassed to have my face displayed over so many EC blogs haha.

So I’m cloaking myself kinda. This is a graphic I made through Photoshop a few years ago, based on one of my photos.

It’s cute, looks like me, but won’t make me cringe when doing my daily EC rounds. Hehehe.



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