Adsense Strange Behavior

Hmmm… This strange ad replaced my normal adsense today. It’s normally supposed to look like the ad links that you see above.

I left Firefox and viewed my page in IE and it was still there. I refreshed the page in Firefox and it went back the normal ad links. Luckily I had the good sense to make a screenshot of it.

I did a search on “Google View Ads About” and it turned up some paltry results. Apparently it’s been around for quite some time. The general thesis is that it shows up when there aren’t enough relevant keywords to generate an ad.

That sucks… Gotta get back in the niche!


  1. It happened to me before and continues to happened. First time I saw it, I thought something is wrong too. Then after a few times, I guess it is part of Google Ad too :)

  2. This is a new feature to the ad units so that users can search for the ads related to the keyword they type .

  3. It’s part of Adsense. I had this link ads put up in my blog before and sometimes it will show the search feature. I kinda dislike it so I removed.

  4. hi,
    It happens .. its some search option although i never touched my own i tried it on a friends blog.! i really like your blog thanks for advertising . I really would have advertised on your but your way out of my range hehe …!
    Do drop by

  5. okay I get it… its google public service ads, I hate when that happen… and I already found that google have financial problem they, good time to buy google shares :D