Four Eyes Me

I was always the tallest student in class. I was also near-sighted. With big pink plastic glasses of a grade which seemed never enough for me to read the little curly characters on the teacher’s board from the back (and I mean the ultimate, final, last row) of the room.

I was the kid trying to look inconspicuous crawling quietly to the front, crouching low on the floor just to copy the day’s lesson. I was the nerd who had a sweaty nose and had a habit of pushing up her glasses every five seconds. I was the girl who looked like a geek at her junior prom.

I was the silently suffering secretly pretty person (heh) who, at the age of 14, begged her father for contact lenses. And got them at 16. It did a world of difference, beginning with people finally being able to see my eyes for the first time. :)

Getting contact lenses was really the turning point for my confidence. It was then I realized I wasn’t so ugly. It was then I started to feel maybe I could be pretty. I had a blast at my senior prom, wearing just my face and a cakeful of makeup. The boy I liked, he liked me back. I went home with flowers, a teddy bear and a love letter from one boy, and a weird Valentine’s card from another boy. Hehehe. Oh and a boatload of happiness.

So I thank you, Bausch & Lomb (my very first pair), Duralex (my second and subsequent pairs) and PrecisionUV (my current pair). You have made my outlook in life a whole lot brighter. :)

P.S. My drawing looks a lot cuter than I was hehe.


  1. When I was going through middle/high school they gave me classes. I was so embarrassed of them that I wouldn’t wear them and my grades were showing it. I couldn’t see anything. Just blurry lines of the board or a big white blur of the projector. I begged my mom for lenses but she said I wasn’t responsible enough to have them. After I moved out and got a job, the first thing I did was get lenses. One of the best days ever.

    They have known the same thing for me in confidence. Even though I didn’t wear them in school I soon was embarrassed of my grades. Funny how much one small thing can change your life.

  2. Glasses are back and can create a new look, maybe you can try it once in a while when you’re feeling adventurous, heh heh