I Bought a Domain!

Well, I up and did it. ;) I’ve been stalling for the longest time, ‘coz I’m quite comfy here in . I’ve been here, what, 3 years now? I’m not sure… I don’t celebrate anniversaries (…should I?). Anyways, it’s been a fun free ride.

But having your own domain just looks so cool. A few years ago you’d have to pay $35 a year and that was just registration. Now registration only costs $6 a year while costs as little as $3 a month… or less!

Anyways I decided on getting the domain name BodySoulDetox.com. I didn’t get RandomDetox.com, but maybe I should too. I just feel that the word “Random” is used far too much among blog names, so I thought maybe I’d try something new. (I’m so not good at making up blog titles! My last title was Self Absorbed Female, hehe.)

I’m still testing the domain thing so I’m not gonna be moving yet. Or maybe I won’t move at all, I’ll just use my domain with Blogger. We’ll see.

I feel like a child — no, no… I feel like myself — in a grocery store. Hehe. Excited.


  1. cool! i felt same way when i bought my first domain name way back 2002. Lol… Enjoy blogging!

  2. Thank you Sasha, Blog2U, Jerome and Sherry. :)

    Hey good luck on the domain contest Sherry :)

  3. Congratulations Flisha. You might want to think about using a wordpress.org platform if you are going to get your domain hosted. And might I suggest that you get a 6.99 hosting. 3$ Hosting will not protect your blog from Digg and Mass Stumble Effects. Anyway that’s just my opinion. It’s still up to you to decide. All the best to your blog and new domain. :)

  4. Hi Louie, you are so right. I’m actually regretting my hosting choice right now because my host is down almost ALL the time. I did install WordPress and it took me HOURS! And when I try to visit my site it takes at least a minute to load and there’s not even a thing in there, just the default WordPress template. Ugh.

    I’m thinking of having my domain transferred. I wouldn’t want to launch a site that no one can visit.

    Any recommendations?

  5. You could just redirect your domain name to this blogger blog. That’s what I’m planning to do on my other blog Pinoy Fries

  6. good that you’ve a domain now!

    By the way, I’ve got little EC Contest going, hope you could check it out.
    Mind to link ex by the way? I’ll be waiting for a return comment^^,)

  7. Hi Kevin, sure I wouldn’t mind being linked up in your site. (Disclaimer: I’m not a teen.) Comment back when you’ve got it up and I’ll link back.