I Stole My Sister’s Biscuits

Aren’t they cute???

They’re called Yan-Yan.

They come in a tall cup with a bit of chocolate dip inside.

My sister wasn’t home and I was craving for a snack…

So I stole a pack, hehe.

They’re so cute. They have text on the biscuits!! Hehe. They used to be just plain biscuits.

Now they have drawings of animals! And little descriptions like “Seal: Loves to Sun Tan”. Hehehe.


  1. That’s very cute, definitely! Oh..haven’t eaten such snack for a really long time. I love those with strawberry dip.

    Never see biscuit with the word priting before. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey!! I used to love eating them when I was a kid.Now they come with so many different varieties. My kids do love eating them also :)

  3. In my country also got that biscuit..the name is ‘Nini’..always show the tv ads about the biscuit..heheh

  4. wow.. I don’t know there is such biscuit. Let me know the brand. I see if I can find it here.

  5. wow thats cute. ive nver seen like that before. the yan yans that ive tried when i was still in pinas are plain looking.

  6. I love snacks that can entertain even us so called adults! And really, I love anything with chocolate! Now I’m hungry! :)

  7. Who makes these? Where can I find them? I’d like some! I’ve never seen them before. They sure look good! Yum!

  8. whats next….biscuits with sexual positions and instructions?
    marketing gimmiks…
    with no purpose
    just for diversification….

  9. Hi Apple and Dominique! I haven’t tried other flavors yet! Sounds yummy! :)

    Hi Sasha, sure you can link me up and I will link back!

    Hi Azlan, where do you come from?

    Hi Sherry, BrineS and Carol, it’s called Yan-Yan but there are other similar biscuits with other names. (I don’t know if they have printing on them.) It’s imported by the Philippines, Japan, Brunei, New Zealand and Malaysia but it’s by Meiji in Singapore.

    Hi Jenn, times are a-changing. Even biscuits hehe.

    Hi Δημήτριος ο Ταξιδευτής, if I can find risque biscuits like that I would be the first to post them haha.

  10. My little niece loves Yan-Yan too. But because she does not drink enough water, my sister does not allow her to eat that too often. It is interesting to know that they have information on those biscuits now. While the kids are having the biscuits, they can also learn a thing or two. Give me one or I will inform your sister. LOL! Just kidding :)

  11. They look soo cute and yummy hehe i wanna bite !! Wow i learned a lot of names from these sticks ! Cow Squirrel … I hope those animals don’t pop out of em sticks … would be a nasty site