Japanese Temple

I’m not good at night shots but I think I did this one justice… What do you think?

One of the most famous temples in Kyoto. Argh, I wish I could tell you the name, but Japanese names are just too hard to remember! But if you’ve been to Kyoto, you’ve probably been here, because it’s at the end of the famous street where all foreigners go shopping for Kyoto sweets and souvenirs, hehehe.

A majestic view from the temple too, as it sits on the top of a mountain. But ah, that is for another post. :-)


  1. That is the Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion)Temple. The picture is absolutely amazing. Nice job!

  2. Saint Lover, it’s not the Kinkakuji. I have pics of those too, though. :)

    Danandmarsh, thanks! Lucky yeah :)

  3. hey, this one’s a great shot. I think you did justice to it’s beauty. i haven’t been to kyoto though.. we are planning to go there this autumn. so you’re already here in Japan? Yokoso Flisha! how long are you going to stay? enjoy the summer… do try to wear a yukata while watching the hanabi. you’ll definitely enjoy it! by the way, I’ve linked you so that i can visit ur blog everyday.

  4. Konnichiwa Kikamz! No I am back in the Philippines but I still have lots of pics from Japan I haven’t posted so I’m dragging them out so I won’t forget hehe.

    Oh, are fireworks very special in Japan? I did wear a yukata once… just for the onsen though haha. So you’re living permanently in Japan or just for a vacation?

    Thanks for the link! I will link you up later as well :)

  5. Hi Hen! I miss you haha. I’m still hurt you didn’t invite me that last time you were on TV. Hehehe, joke lang.

    Go easy on my little sister!! :D Oh and she told me she didn’t want me telling you I’m her sister hehehe. So don’t go making her feel uncomfortable haha.

  6. Sigh… I’d love to go to Japan one of these days… maybe even visit Studio Ghibli and go to a hot spring while I’m there… how neat would that be? :)

  7. This was a beautiful shot. Japan is one of the countries I want to visit some day :)

    Happy weekend!

  8. Raquel, thanks :)

    Tony and MommyBa, take a short Japanese language course before you get there :)

  9. Flisha, thanks for the link.

    yes, fireworks really are special here especially in the summer. almost all cities conduct a hanabi festival annually. the biggest hanabi in tokyo is the one in sumidagawa river.

    by the way, we are planning to stay here for maybe 20years? depends really… but i do miss the philippines…