Long Distance Relationships

I haven’t seen the bastard in almost five months. Hmph. I’m in northern Philippines and he’s in southern Philippines. We’re 7,000 islands apart.

I haven’t had a kiss, a hug or a cheek pinch (the wholesome cheek) in forever! The only time I get to see my Gim is during our video chats.

Here’s what we do online.

Fli-fli: Gim-gim !!!

Gim-gim: Fli-fli !!!

Fli-fli: Hey I have an idea… Lightbulb lights up!

Fli-fli: Let’s pretend we’re kissing each other!!! Hee!! Giggles.

Gim-gim: Like this??? Puckers.

Fli-fli: No. Passionately. Like this. Closes eyes.

Gim-gim: Ohhhh I see… Mmmmwww–


Fli-fli: No Gim-gim! Chuckles, giggles. You look like a monkeeey! Like thiiiiis!

Gim-gim: Like this??? Laughing uncontrollably.


Fli-fli: No! Natural! Like this! See?

Gim-gim. Ohhhh. My neck is starting to ache…


Fli-fli: Just one more time Gim-gim!!

Gim-gim: Like this???

Fli-fli: Oh never mind!!!


  1. that’s cute. i did long distance for a while too. it’s hard but seems like you guys are doing well. ;)

  2. I never had a post regarding my long distance relationship! ^^ Teacher were almost the same with this one, the only difference is I’m at the south and she’s at the north! ^^ wakoko i don’t know the feeling, iniisip ko pa lang na i post pro parang korny na sweet! wikwiwkikwikwik!

    hehehe! nakita ko rin ang comments spot! ^-^ God Bless Sa inyo 2!

  3. its sacred…of course very much belongs to human …..
    hope this planet is fill with lively young’s innocence.

    with maturity and time u may lose this..(everybody do)..at least try to keep that simplicity… ..
    love u both…

  4. me and my husband started out online too through mIRC.. webcam isn’t that popular at that time but we managed to pull it through..

    stay in love :)

  5. Sweet naman! LOL!

    Internet does bring people ‘closer’ and make long distance relationship even more workable.

  6. AWWWWWW! that’s really so sweet.

    Won’t you two ever be able to meet soon, someday soon?

    May the Force be with both of you!

  7. Hahaha I lose count. That’s a lot of “cute” comments. LOL.

    Azlan, hahaha. Whose? His or mine? Heheheh.

    Aerox, well maybe it’s kind of weird for a guy to post something like this. It’s not very manly, no? Hehehe!

    Noni, hey, are you my SocialSpark friend? :D

    Wiehanne, definitely yes. I’m just glad he’s done with hospital duty for the year, he’s got a bit of time to chat with me. :)

    JoanJoyce, wow really? Online love story for reals? Wow! How inspiring :)

    Raul, hahaha. Ever since college…

    BK, yeah, thank goodness for cheap Internet rates ;P

  8. Hi WindMill,

    Oh no we didn’t start on the Internet. It’s just that I left my hometown to get my Masters, so we’ve been apart for the last year. And another year to go. Sigh.

    But we’re pulling through. :)

  9. i shoulda known you’d post them! hehe. i am thankful for the internet and videocalls, but i’d still like that kiss to be for reals. hehe. can’t wait till you’re with me again… :)

  10. Oh that’s really cute,
    Me and my GF are leaving for the US soon she wil be going to texas me to Canada a whole continent apart .

    Looking at your post gives me hope for us !

  11. Wish I did this kind of thing with my ex-gf when we had a long distance relationship :'[

    All the best to your relationship

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  14. I love chatting but often complain about time. Only my Girlfriends succeeds in getting me to chat with her online.

    1. Thanks LOL :) Unfortunately long distance pa rin kami up to now. Pero we still see each other every few months naman and we talk almost everyday. It’s super hard, but I do my best to be loyal. Hahahah!

  15. You never know. I met someone 12 years ago on a college student website. We lived very far away. I was in the Maryland and He lived in Puerto Rico. We began exchanging messages and months later we talked on the phone. Months later, somehow we began a long distance relationship. Four months later we met in person. I went to study abroad. A year later we got married. We have been married for ten years and have 3 children, a nice house and a dog LOL. It’s been tough but we are still here. I say it can work as long as the people have things in common, good communication and above all Respect.

  16. Nami, what a wonderful story. :) I am glad things worked out for you and you’re no longer in a long distance relationship. I am still in one but hopefully next year he and I be together already. :)