My Lonely Food

This was yesterday’s lunch that I cooked myself. Corned beef with onions, sunny side up eggs (that I messed up) and rice.

By the way, the rice that Asians eat with meals is mostly just plain white rice. Sometimes we fry it with egg or a sprinkling of chopped veggies mixed in, but that’s mostly done in special occasions.

Oh and we never eat *just* rice. Rice is the staple, it always comes with every meal, but it’s not a meal in itself. I say this because my boyfriend’s friend was once asked how Asians eat rice. He agreed to show them, and for his meal, he was given plain white rice and only that. *lol*

I have no idea how he finished it, hehehe. (Rice doesn’t have a flavor. It shouldn’t. It’s flavorless-ness complements the flavorful-ness of the main dish.)

I often see American cooking shows where they make rice, but it’s never plain white rice. It’s always mixed in with lots of sauce and beans and pasta and so much other stuff it doesn’t look like (and I doubt it tastes like) rice anymore. I wonder why…

I very rarely cook. Because I don’t know how to. My boyfriend, though, cooks great. When I was home, my meals were all made by either my mom or my boyfriend.

Now that I’m on study leave and on my own, I have to fend for myself. Most of the time, I order food. Sometimes, I buy and prepare instant noodles. Very very rarely, I cook.

I haven’t eaten real (delicious, homemade) food in over three months. I don’t consider my cooking “real food” because usually it comes from a can or its pre-prepared (microwaveable).

Oh, I really really miss my boyfriend.