My New Entrecard Image

If you’re not seeing me around Entrecard anymore, it doesn’t mean I’m not there.

I’ve just made myself a new card! Hehehe.

Melanie in my Shoutbox said she saw me all over EC. Then Wind Mill said I’m on her badge. Hehehe. Truth is, I’ve been advertising heavily on EC to boost my rank and drops.

It’s working but I’m kinda embarrassed to have my face displayed over so many EC blogs haha.

So I’m cloaking myself kinda. This is a graphic I made through Photoshop a few years ago, based on one of my photos.

It’s cute, looks like me, but won’t make me cringe when doing my daily EC rounds. Hehehe.


  1. Hi, I think your new Entrecard image is really nice & attractive! I just love the choice of colors used as well as your hair and that sweet smile.


  2. I like this, it drags attention you get more click hehehe. I like the graphic (Envied) i tried to learn using inkscape combo with gimp but not close as this, i need to work more harder i supposed LOL!

  3. Hi! Nice touch! As a creative director in my opinion you have stylized touched…good job ;)

  4. I like your new card. About your old card … frankly speak (only the truth) … it looks great! In fact it is one of the cards I definitely love to have and proud to display it in my blog. That is why I shifted the Entrecard’s widget right to the top. LOL! You look great in that picture.

  5. Hi Iris. Oh I really don’t like Gimp, all those windows… Try Adobe Illustrator, it’s so much easier to learn. :-)

  6. Nilo and WyriHaximus, thanks for the compliments! I did notice a spike in EC drops, but maybe only because EC isn’t used to it yet haha.

  7. Hi BK,

    Well we’ll see, if this EC card doesn’t give me better results than the last card I might have to change it up again haha.