Revisiting Capeside

I’ve only ever loved, and have never invested so much emotion in as, one TV show in my life. Dawson’s Creek.

The timing of the show fitted in perfectly with the timing of my life. I was fourteen (a high school sophomore) and identified with everything (well, almost) Joey and Dawson and Pacey and Jen and Jack went through.

Joey especially. Haha. My BFF was kind of a Dawson-Jack mix, but nevertheless I went through the agony Joey experienced loving someone destined never to love you back. And then later finding out promise and possibilities.

I didn’t have a Pacey but my favorite season of all-time was definitely Season 3. By that time my relationship with my BFF was as complex and hapless as Joey and Dawson’s (though it wasn’t as life changing as houses burning and fathers being sent to prison) and I seriously wanted Joey to move on with her life. Like I said, I was totally invested, and needed Joey to lead the way.

I didn’t follow the DC storyline so much in the seasons after that. I felt their characters changed when they went to college. Made decisions that were inconsistent with their younger selves, like sleeping around too much and exchanging partners too often and just becoming unreal. (I totally hated how sensitive, boyish, laidback seafarer Pacey became an arrogant bearded stockbrocker in a suit. Sooo not Pacey.)

I rewatched the final episodes of Dawson’s Creek last night. I know, after eight years, I just caught up now (even though the DVDs have been with me for years). I liked how only the main characters were involved. No more Audrey, and thank God for bringing back Andie. I liked that Joey ended up with Pacey, they did have the greatest chemistry on TV — unsurpassed, I must say. I hated that Dawson ended up alone. It tore my heart out that Jen died (she was a bitch but she didn’t deserve death!!). And though unrealistic, it was sweet that Jack ended up with Doug and Jen’s baby.

Oh, gosh. Do any of you miss those days???

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  1. DC series started when I was in first year high school. Those were the days when I was so idealistic when it comes to love.

    I miss watching Dawson’s Creek. I had always root for the Joey-Dawson tandem. :)

  2. Hi Elaine,

    It’s so weird feeling such affection for characters you know are fiction, don’t you think? Nonetheless I felt they became very best friends of mine… :)