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Gambar Pemerkosaan | I Know Who Gambar Pemerkosaan Is

Posted on 31 August 2008 by Flisha

Gambar Pemerkosaan is a sneaky mystery floating over the Interwebs.

Gambar Pemerkosaan lurks over the minds of men who, all day long, scour the intangible lands for his existence.

These men, they sit, hunchbacked, because of Gambar Pemerkosaan. These men, their eyes are dark and hollow, and whispered words pass vaguely from their lips: Gambar Pemerkosaan.

These men, they are the Seekers of Gambar Pemerkosaan.

I know who Gambar Pemerkosaan is. I know where Gambar Pemerkosaan is.

But I cannot tell you.

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Funny Door Sign in Dakak

Posted on 27 August 2008 by Flisha

Found this outside our cottage in Dakak Resort. This is what is said on the front:

…and then on the back:

Gim and I dissolved into laughter after reading it. Hahaha. (Nice way to rephrase “sleeping”… or did they mean something else???)


Funny Instructions in Dakak

Posted on 27 August 2008 by Flisha

Phone Instructions:

To call cluster A, B, C, Beachfront, Presidential Suite, and other outlets, please press [key] or [key] then dial the corresponding phone number of the room.

To call cluster D from cluster A, B, C, please press line 2 or 3 above, then you hear TOT… TOT… TOT…


Dapitan’s Glory

Posted on 26 August 2008 by Flisha

When in Dapitan, you will not fail to visit Gloria de Dapitan, the tiny city’s prime spot for leisure-seeking travellers. You often find me here, as there isn’t really any other place to hang out in Dapitan when you’re not looking to sun or swim.

Gloria de Dapitan (named for the country’s current president, which is a shame) includes several restaurants, a few boutique shops, an Internet shop, some bauble-selling stalls, a snack stall (french fries and ice cream), a bowling place, an impressive fountain (for a provincial town) and in the center of it all, a cock-fighting gymnasium (apparently the Congressman, who owns the entire Gloria and most of Dapitan, is a big fan).

Gim and I go to Gloria everyday to access the Internet. The whole place is a wifi zone, and anybody can access the wifi for free. The girl at the airconditioned Internet shop lets me sit inside while doing my Internet rounds. I try to make her charge me the regular Internet rate but she flatly refuses (she lets me surf and charge my laptop for free) so I sometimes bring her some sweets in exchange for her generosity hehehe. Sometimes she won’t receive those too.

The food in Dapitan is superbly inexpensive, so Gim and I often visit Gloria to get dinner. (Most shops don’t open before 2pm so it’s hard to find lunch there.) Our favorite restaurants are Tapas & Beer and a pizza place (gosh I forgot the name).

At Tapas & Beer, better get an order of tapa (dried beef, fried in soy sauce). It’s very tasty, and the onions are very crisp. Also try their calamares, or fried squid rings. They’re one of the best I’ve ever tasted, because the squid rings are very thick and tender at the same time. Gim loves crispy pata (a leg of pork salted and boiled then left in the air to dry for an entire day, then deep fried) and we found it in the menu so we ordered that one time, and Gim loved it so much he left nothing but bone (the ones he couldn’t chew enough to swallow hahaha).

The pizza shop in Gloria is not to be missed. The shop owners come from Switzerland and the ingredients in their pizza definitely prove it. Regular servings (good for three or four but Gim and I can finish one in 30 minutes) cost only P200 ($4) while family servings cost P300 ($6). Extra toppings cost P30 (less than $1) and a request for thick crust costs P30 as well (you will want the thick crust for sure!). Trust me when I say they are VERY VERY good.

Most of the pizzas are mozarella-and-meat-heavy, just the way Gim and I like it. We love sausage and often ask for extra toppings of it. The pizza is cooked right in front of you if you want to watch. The contraption where the pizza is cooked is bizarrely small, but the server says it cost almost a hundred thousand pesos (roughly $2000). Whoa, but if that’s their secret I want one too hehe!

Have a look at the menu, I took a shot hehehe.

And here is Gim patiently waiting for our pizza on the counter. :-) It takes about 15-30 minutes for the pizza to cook (it’s not a fast-food place) so when the pizza gets served you’re sure to be starving heheheh.

It’s a great eat. :-)

Gloria is a cheap place to eat for city people, but there are many more spots in Dapitan where you can get cheaper and tastier food, especially when it comes to seafood.

But that’s for another post. :-)


Hammocks in Dakak

Posted on 24 August 2008 by Flisha

Gim and I spent my birthday (August 15) in Dakak Resort, Dapitan. It was a beautifully cloudy day. (A sunny day on a Philippine beach equals a really, really bad sunburn.) We took a dip in the water first thing when we got there. Ate a hearty lunch after hours of playing in the waves. Went back the water. And then enjoyed swinging in the hammock in between.

I love the hammocks in Dapitan. Very comfy and they offer a great, uninterrupted view of the horizon.

They hang from the branches of the trees that ply the shoreline, and they’re the perfect place to rest and sleep or just enjoy the view.

See how much fun I’m having up there??? Hehehe.

Here is Gim resting underneath a tree. And there are his new slippers that I gave that he lost in a Dumaguete beach. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Hehehehehe. At least he has a photo.

Here is me not wanting to leave Dakak yet. The Dakak management is calling us to the van that will take us back home, but I’m too comfortable to get up! I don’t want to go!!!!

And here’s the breathtaking view from our hammocks.

See? No wonder it is sooo hard to leave Dakak. :-) And of course, here is the venerated hammock. :-)

Hehehehe. I want to go back!


The Passing of Rain

Posted on 24 August 2008 by Flisha

I love it when it rains on the beach. You get to see how wonderfully majestic the sky is, the way it changes so dramatically in so little time.

Here the clouds look heavy, ready to rain upon us. The ocean is turning greener by the second.


Now the sky above us is totally overcast. Beyond us, the sky is returning to a lighter blue. But the sea has turned a dark emerald green. In a few seconds, drops of rain fall. (Of course we run for shelter, hahaha. Can’t risk my camera getting soaked.)


A close up of the mountains beyond shows the rain has passed. But the waters are greener than ever because the sun is hidden behind the dark, pouring clouds.


Afterwards,the sky clears. No more clouds in sight, except for a thin wisp. And the water returns to a clear blue.


Have I mentioned how much I love rain on the beach? :-)


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Dapitan Boulevard

Posted on 24 August 2008 by Flisha

In the Philippines, developed coastal roads are often called “boulevards” like the Cawa-Cawa Boulevard of Zamboanga City, the Roxas Boulevard of Manila, the “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” of Dipolog (okay, Gim and I named that a few years ago when we sat there after a quarrel on the last day of our vacation hahaha).

In the Dapitan, they have the “Sunset Boulevard” because this piece of shore does really deliver those romantic sunsets. I haven’t got a sunset image this year yet (it’s the rainy season) but hopefully I will get one on a rare cloudless afternoon.

Still, here’s a shot of the shore from a dilapidated cottage where Gim and I ate a tub of store-bought ice cream on a cold, cloudy day. Hehehe, that’s one of our favorite pastimes.

And a few shots of me… hahaha.

This is back when I had long hair… Oh I am starting to miss it. (Right now I have short hair, and dark red, splotchy, peeling skin. Waaahhhh.)


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Sunset Dinner at Port Orient

Posted on 17 August 2008 by Flisha

Living in big busy Manila is fantastically convenient. All your needs are a walk or phone call away.

I live in Katipunan, right in front of the country’s top university, Ateneo de Manila University. Around my place are National Bookstore (where I get my chick lit for whenever I am depressed), a whole lot of fast food joints like McDonalds, Jollibee’s (not just one but two branches!), KFC, Chowking, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Teriyaki Boy and many more, Villman’s (for my gadget needs), Rustan’s and Shoppersville (for my weekly groceries), BPI, Banco de Oro, Megalink and many other banks (for my banking needs!). And SM North, one of the world’s top ten biggest malls, is a 30 minute taxi ride away.

But all that convenience doesn’t buy any love from me. I am and will always be a country bumpkin. I love fresh clean air (as opposed to the smoke and dirt of neverendingly-busy highways), wide blue skies (as opposed to polluted violet ones full of skyscrapers), stars (can’t see them in Manila), trees, rivers and oceans (I don’t even know if there’s any accessible to the big city). I love nature. I am most comfortable without any frills, just give me cheap food and a great view, and I am happy. :-)

To fulfill this need, Gim took me dinner at Port Orient, a shoreside shack of a restaurant here in Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines, where I am blissfully vacationing (in spite of a terribly sunburnt achy face).

We ordered barbecue – lots of them! Pork barbecue, our favorite, mmm! And also liver barbecue, which Gim loves but I hate. And barbecued innards, which we both love! Heheheh. I’ll not say which inner parts, you may be grossed out haha. And we ordered around 5 puso‘s, which is rice wrapped and cooked in triangle-shaped banana leaves. Plus a liter of Pop Cola, a local softdrink like Coca Cola.

Our table was situated right on the shore, and our sandals embedded in sand. A few feet away, right in front of us, played local children and crashed ocean waves. Have a look-see. :D


Here’s me and Gim playing cute for the camera. Hehehehe.


I am not sunburnt here. You’ll see how I look in my later posts. (I will be horribly fattened and sunburnt but still very happy hahaha.) Here’s what’s looking right back at us:


And a closer view at the pretty clouds.


It was a wonderful day. :-)



Steak At Big Joe’s

Posted on 16 August 2008 by Flisha

I have finally found a way to upload my peechoors! Turns out boyfriend Gim brought a Canon cable to Dapitan (where we are right now). Yeah!

Gim and I, we’re very different. I’m a programmer and I love everything computer. He’s a doctor and loves everything blood and flesh and gory. I read in Reader’s Digest a joke that goes:

Motorcycle Technician: I take apart parts and put them back together. It’s basically the same thing you do! How come I’m paid pittance and you get millions?
Doctor: Try doing it while the engine’s running.

No, it’s not that funny. Eeeneeways. Even though Gim and I have different passions in life, the one thing we both have in common is our great love for food (and you can see it in our faces, in more than one way!).

One place we really like in Dipolog (Zamboanga del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines) is a restaurant called Big Joe’s. The rates are very reasonable but the food is divine. Our first day there Gim ordered Joe’s Special Sizzling Steak ($2), which is beef steak and mushroom covered in sweet sauce. A tasty meal, and very photogenic too, hahaha.

See for yourself.


Gim was very happy when he got his meal. However, he was very dismayed when he saw what I ordered. I got Pork Steak ($3) and my tastebuds watered when I saw the meat (all 150 grams of it). See.


Good, huh?!? Gim was so jealous that I was forced to give him 25% of my food. Hahahaha. And then the next we visited Big Joe’s, he made sure he ordered Pork Steak. I went with Lengua Mechado (tongue of beef, mmm). But I’ll share the pics next time! ;-)


Travelling Mindanao

Posted on 14 August 2008 by Flisha

Arrived in Dipolog, Mindanao safe and thrilled. Met by boyfriend Gim and rode a tricycle (a quirky three-wheeled transportation common in the Philippines) towards Dapitan. Took over boyfriend’s temporary quarters and made it messy, as I am wont to do.

Dapitan (Visayan for “a place often visited”) is beautiful as always. It is the rainy season, so tourists are few, but foreigners in retirement many. The sky is clouded many a sunset, and the ocean roils angrily all day. But oceanside barbecues still taste divine and walks on the beach still romantic.

So far Gim and I have been enjoying the food mightily. I’ve gained a lot of pounds doing nothing but eat all day — lunchtime chopsuey (freshly cooked vegetables in a creamy salty sauce), pork and beef steaks, iced teas and orange juices and Cokes and Pepsis, afternoon raspberry and blueberry cheesecakes and hazelnut capuccino, and dinnertime garlic sausage pizza, crispy pata (crispy fried pork) and a many many more.

Tomorrow I turn 26 and I am spending it on a white sand beach resort called Dakak. Next week Gim and I will be visiting another white sand beach called Piñahon. We’ll try to reach the beautiful beaches of Aliguay and Silinog if funds and time allow.

We will also be trekking to Cagayan de Oro and engaging in some whitewater rafting and ziplining. Also visiting Camiguin to enjoy White Island, Katibawasan Falls, Hot Springs and tours.

Later in the month will be visiting Dumaguete and hopefully seeing some dolphins. 

I have so many pictures I wish to upload but darndarndarn I don’t have a cardreader! Gim’s laptop doesn’t have a built-in one either. So I will have to wait until I get to Cagayan de Oro and buy a card reader there. Am excited to show you all the food I’ve eaten hahaha. And of course the sights.

Until then… ;-)



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