Dapitan Boulevard

In the Philippines, developed coastal roads are often called “boulevards” like the Cawa-Cawa Boulevard of City, the Roxas Boulevard of , the “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” of Dipolog (okay, Gim and I named that a few years ago when we sat there after a quarrel on the last day of our vacation hahaha).

In the Dapitan, they have the “Sunset Boulevard” because this piece of shore does really deliver those romantic sunsets. I haven’t got a sunset image this year yet (it’s the rainy season) but hopefully I will get one on a rare cloudless afternoon.

Still, here’s a shot of the shore from a dilapidated cottage where Gim and I ate a tub of store-bought ice cream on a cold, cloudy day. Hehehe, that’s one of our favorite pastimes.

And a few shots of me… hahaha.

This is back when I had long hair… Oh I am starting to miss it. (Right now I have short hair, and dark red, splotchy, peeling skin. Waaahhhh.)


  1. dapitan looks so pretty but when i try nto write my girlfriend , the mailman puts a line thru dapitan city and put ilongopo city then returns it as "insufficient address" why they do that? does the philipine postal sysytem know where dapitan is?

  2. You could try to be more specific on the address. Try writing "Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines" so the post office won't be confused. There might be other Dapitans in the country.