Hammocks in Dakak

Gim and I spent my birthday (August 15) in Dakak Resort, Dapitan. It was a beautifully cloudy day. (A sunny day on a Philippine beach equals a really, really bad sunburn.) We took a dip in the water first thing when we got there. Ate a hearty lunch after hours of playing in the waves. Went back the water. And then enjoyed swinging in the hammock in between.

I love the hammocks in Dapitan. Very comfy and they offer a great, uninterrupted view of the horizon.

They hang from the branches of the trees that ply the shoreline, and they’re the perfect place to rest and sleep or just enjoy the view.

See how much fun I’m having up there??? Hehehe.

Here is Gim resting underneath a tree. And there are his new slippers that I gave that he lost in a Dumaguete beach. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Hehehehehe. At least he has a photo.

Here is me not wanting to leave Dakak yet. The Dakak management is calling us to the van that will take us back home, but I’m too comfortable to get up! I don’t want to go!!!!

And here’s the breathtaking view from our hammocks.

See? No wonder it is sooo hard to leave Dakak. :-) And of course, here is the venerated hammock. :-)

Hehehehe. I want to go back!


  1. Nice! I now like the place… I am planning to go there for a sembreak vacation… and I just hope that travel by bus would be safe by that time… heheheh

  2. Hi Jerome, I suggest you go by boat instead. It will take longer to get to Dapitan, but much safer. :)

    The rates are very affordable. Gim and I got the Barkadahan package for only P2500, that includes an overnight in a cottage and transportation. Or you could opt for the day tour that costs about P300.

  3. Nice. I plan to bring my family with me… or my friends. :D I am thinking of Boracay but it’s just too expensive for me. Maybe after graduation perhaps.. hehehe

    See yah around…