The Perks of University: The Japanese Version

Check out the floor-to-ceiling flat screens at NAIST, . Nope, it’s not a projector. It’s pure LCD, baby!

It doesn’t look that big here. I think that because the screen is so big, it kinda makes the wall look not that high. But take a look at the people standing in front of the screen. You can clearly see that they are a LOT shorter than the ceiling AND the screen.

The only screens I’ve ever seen this big are those in the theater. And that’s got a real purpose. When we asked the people at NAIST what these things were for (they were installing and testing it on our last day in the university), they shrugged and said, “Well, whatever the visitors want to use them for probably. Maybe play Nintendo Wii.”

Whaaaa-??? True enough, they were playing Nintendo on the big screen in the ruse of “testing the system”. Then afterwards they played a movie.

Rich Japanese!!!