An Ad Network for the Philippines

So far, there is Asia Century Multi-Advertising (terrible interface, incessant login problems) and AuctionPH (terribly low commission fees – P6 for an actual purchase!).

Now comes Nuffnang Philippines, created by Timothy Tiah and Cheo Ming Shen. Judging from interface and features alone, I think this ad network will blow away the other two to smithereens.

Nuffnang bills itself as Asia’s First Blog Advertising Community and started serving ads in Malaysia and early 2007. Its advertiser list is impressive, including big names like Nike, Honda, Nokia and Nescafe. This year it planted roots in the Philippines and started the call for interested bloggers.

I like that Nuffnang has its own stats analysis without having to ask the to install any additional code other than an ad unit. It is for this reason that if you’re a Nuffnang but aren’t serving ads, you won’t see any data in your Nuffnang Analytics page. The data comes from the number of times your ad units were displayed. Sure enough, not 15 minutes after I had uploaded the Nuffnang ad unit to my blog, I started seeing some Referral data on my Nuffnang page (Analytics data is delayed by an hour, though).

Ad units come in three forms, leaderboard (728 x 90), skyscraper (160 x 300) and large rectangle (336 x 280). My ad unit is in the form of skyscraper, but so far it doesn’t seem to serving anything other than Nuffnang ads. Hmm. Looking forward to seeing a big name ad on my site soon. Wouldn’t it be cool advertising Nokia? Hehehe! Whoops I forgot I just blogged about Sony Ericsson a few posts ago, hahaha. Guess I won’t see Nokia on my sidebar anytime soon, aww, hahaha.

Exlusive Nuffnang bloggers (defined as bloggers not serving any other Southeast Asian ads apart from Nuffnang) get to be part of the Glitterati club (how posh!) and get higher earnings than non-exclusive members. They are also paid earlier (a month verses two for ordinary members, but I think a month is still too long!!), they get more prizes in contests and they get to bring their boyfriends to community events. Hahaha, I think it definitely pays to be loyal to Nuffnang.

Except that it currently says on my profile I’m not exclusive to Nuffnang. No, Nuffnang, don’t say that! I am! Well, we’ll see, maybe it will change within the week. It does say 48 hours to get the Nuffnang crawl update.

Oh, and they’re giving away P500 to the first 68 Nuffnang-exclusive bloggers to share the good news. Go on, sign up now at Nuffnang.


  1. Got their invite, too.

    I was in Manila during the weekend. I actually arrived Friday pa. I attended the WordCamp Philippines 2008 at the St. Benilde College, Dela Salle. NuffnangPH was one of the sponsors of the said event. All campers where given a Nuffnang Mug ( a small one). :)


  2. Jerome, how lucky of you! I didn’t join ‘coz I’m comfortable in the Blogger platform (and I think I was out of town). But I guess I have to learn WP someday soon :)

    Apple, are you Malaysian or Singaporean? :)

  3. thanks for this heads up, flisha. just signed up with nuffnang =] happy to be supporting (and earning from!) a “local” ad network =] it somehow appeals to my nationalistic streak hehe thanks again =]