Back in Manila

Well I am back. My month-long (almost) vacation has ended. And I am very, very, very depressed. All I want to do is run back to my boyfriend’s arms.

Still, I have to face my responsibilities. Well, just one really. Finish my Masters (but it seems like such a long-lived and head-achingly hefty task).

It’s the only reason I am in and not permanently wherever-my-boyfriend-is. (He is stuck in Dapitan doing his doctorly duties and cannot permanently be wherever-his-girlfriend-is. We are both stuck AWAY FROM EACH OTHER!!!)

Anyways, I will try to lift my mood a bit for the rest of my posts this week (in the hope that next week maybe my bad mood will have gone away but I don’t know). I will be wrapping up my contest in a few weeks, as promised.

I’ll be posting lots, lots, lots of pictures of our travels this time around. Hopefully that will stave off the overwhelming homesickness I feel. I just want to cry and cry. But no one is here to comfort me, so I won’t.

My phone won’t work. I don’t know why. Sigh. So now I cannot even call my Gim.

I feel as depressed as that photo looks. Does it look depressing to you? I took it on the last day of vacation. Gim and I took our tears to Dipolog. Remember, the Boulevard of Broken Dreams? Yeah, I will never see that boulevard any other way…