Bohol Tour Part VIII: Snakes and Flying Lemurs

Who would think one day in Bohol would spawn so many posts? Well, it did fly by so fast. Let me introduce you to Prony.

Prony is a python. A big python. Very big. Too big for it’s age that even veterinarians are stumped.

I could tell you all his stats but -ahem- I left the video back home (with my boyfriend). Didn’t fit my flash drive. ‘Coz I wasn’t supposed to place it in my flash drive. Was supposed to burn to DVD but my boyfriend’s laptop was only CDRW. Durn.

Anyway, basta he’s enormous. Although I’ve never really seen another python to compare. The last time I saw a live snake was back in when I ran screaming from my bedroom in the middle of the night because I found a long green snake slithering underneath my bed. (You would think I’d get a phobia from that incident, but surprisingly, no.)

As interesting as Prony is, I found his keeper much more so.

Here is Marimar. She is a drag queen. Ya. If not for the awful hair and makeup though, you’d think she was a girl. Except when she opened her mouth, that is.

She’s a hoot. And yes, she is named after Marimar, the super popular Mexican telenovela starring Thalia. Can you tell from her appearance?

Nah, me neither. Heh.

Marimar doesn’t technically take care of Prony. Her older sister does that dirty job. She’s in charge of the entertaining Prony’s foreign visitors.

For example, she loves to tell her clients that she once won a (gay) beauty pageant, using this very interesting swimsuit that she made herself!

Do you know what it’s made of?

It’s made of Prony’s shedded skin. Yah.

All togeher now, Ewwwwww!!!!!!

Hahahahaha! I wish she would have worn it so I could photograph her haha.

She says it’s very uncomfortable to use. Itchy, she complains.

I wonder where it itches most.

Ok, let’s go back to Prony. Here are a few pictures of the snake with its fans.

Yes. Those are people INSIDE the cage. TOUCHING Prony.

It’s a good thing Prony already had his meal a few weeks ago or else he might think twice about letting people fondle him so carelessly.

I kept my distance and stuck to taking pictures, nevertheless.

Look! That thing’s even bigger than my Gim!


It’s apparently in hibernation, as Marimar tells us. That’s why she let us inside the cage for a little meet and greet.

It eats live chickens.

I wish we could have seen the feeding…

Anyways, enough of Prony.

Let’s have a look at a flying lemur and it’s baby!

Here they are!

I know, it’s kind of an awful picture. But it’s the only way I could take a clear picture of the baby.

Can you tell where the mother ends and the baby begins?

Can you even tell those are two separate animals?

Yeah, I had trouble at first too. Haha.

The mother is hanging from the branch, by all four legs. In between’s her little baby. Aww. :-)

Here are more pics of the two feeding on some leaves.

I don’t know why they’re called flying lemurs, though. Maybe they can fly when they’re in the wild. Oh, I do hate animals being caged. :-( :-( :-(

Except for Prony. I don’t think it would be a good idea to release him into the wild.

Or Marimar.

Well! That concludes my series on Bohol. Until my next visit!

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  1. What a great story! That Prony is HUGE!!! And Marimar… well he/she/it is hysterical. She would make a whole lotta American Drag Queens quake with envy. ;)

  2. ‘Coz she’s so pretty? :) I think it’s easier for Asians men to look female, because of their small stature (as compared to Caucasians). So, go Marimar! Hahaha.

  3. The huge red flower on ‘her’ hair is oh-so-Marimar. :P I used to watch that Thalia telenovela back then.

    And, 1 day trip = 8 posts? Whew..

  4. I loved this! I love the snake, the lemurs, the bikini and the handler! What a fantastic and interesting experience. I laughed and read this twice.

  5. haha! my hubby and I went to bohol early this year. I remember that marimar person. she’s quite an entertainer. but people around were commenting na “kakambal siya nung malaking ahas”. lol

  6. @Wiehanne – Really? My mind’s turning to mush, I can’t remember! Haha. Did you watch Maria Mercedes too? Hehehe.

    @Lady – Afraid of snakes? Hehe.

    @Jack – Me too! It must’ve been tots uncomfortable!

    @Health Nut – Haha, thanks!

    @Wendy – How awful, hahaha!

    @Leet – that’s why I didn’t go nearer haha.

    @Kikamz – no I didn’t. Aww, that would have been so much fun to watch!

    @Dan – erm, by the way she was flirting with my boyfriend, I dare say she is! Hahaha.

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