Enormous Things

Early this year, my friends and I went on a trip to Baguio, where the air is a mite chilly, strawberries and pine trees flourish, and horses abound.

We went to Mines View Park, a famous hilltop that overlooks the city. A lot of foreign and local tourists go there for the sights, so peddlers, traders and all kinds of merchants line the streets.

Horses, especially big large pretty ones, are not a common sight to . So we are quite fascinated with the beautiful animals. In Baguio, many horse keepers allow visitors to pose for horse pictures, for a fee. This one pair was such an arrangement.

Like I said, horses are not familiar things to us. The horse decided it wanted to pee and just that suddenly did. And we gasped at what we saw! Its thing was HUGE!!!

See for yourself!!!

Hee hee hee. (Forgive me for my immaturity, but I just had to post this.)

I blurred the thing because my boyfriend said I should. I said, it’s just an animal… But he said I should. So since he knows better about these male things, I decided to follow his advice. You can still click on the pic for the uncensored view.

So, are these things normal or is this horse taking horse supplements??

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  1. heeyikes! i remember posing for a photo with such a horse during trips to baguio many, many years ago. hehe.

    i think your post is a sign that i should really watch the play “equus” on broadway, which stars daniel radcliffe–yes, harry potter! :P

  2. LOL!

    Thank heavens I am not a horse.

    But, there was this other similar incident at the Zoo. Together with my two sons then. We were at the rails watching the giraffes.

    And then one of them decided to pee.

    Oh mannn! one could take a shower bath if one stood under the giraffe. The amount of pee was not just a bucket full.

  3. Holy! I have seen it in pictures but to see it in person has to be shocking/scary!

    LOL, don’t know if I would have taken a picture though I would be too embarrassed!