Hooked On a (Sweet) Spy

Being a graduate student means having a lot of time to myself for studying. Me? I hate studying. So I often cram my way to a passing grade. With the loads of extra time I have to spare, I blog. And watch television (Or Youtub).

Lately, I’ve been snared by a very easy-on-the-eyes Korean named Dennis Oh. He stars in the Kdrama called , alongside an impish-looking Nam Sang Mi.

The story tells of a young woman (Lee Sun Ae) who becomes a policewoman after her husband (a cop) dies in a traffic accident. She gets involved with an international spy (Han Yu Il) and falls in love with him, while her superior (Kang Joon) falls in love with her while investigating the death of her husband.

I normally hate watching dramas and telenovelas. But this Dennis Oh (Han Yu Il) was just so effing cute I couldn’t resist. Heh. It’s a good thing, too, because I later realized the drama was not your ordinary tearjerker-woman-victim-of-the-world kind of telenovela. It’s a romantic comedy that never gets too sappy and provides a lot of easy laughs.

Dennis Oh’s acting is perhaps the only unfortunate thing about the entire kdrama. But his gorgeous looks more than make up for it, haha. Watch this kdrama if only to ogle at this awesome specimen of a man. Haha.

You can download Sweet Spy from AsianLoad or search for it directly on MegaUpload, via MegaDownload.

This kdrama made me interested in other kdramas. So I’m now searching for some good ones. If you’re interested, you can go to MySoju to check up on Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese dramas.

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  1. @alexa – well you should download the originals then. are you from the Philippines? the dubbed episodes they show here are often shortened to fit the timeslot, so a lot of the scenes get cut, especially the kissing scenes haha.

    @allure – hm, i dont know. you could try d-addicts.com or just buy a DVD. i see a lot of them wherever pirated goods are sold…