Late Night Chat Fest

Gim and I were cuddling on the bed last night when…

*Beep beep*

Gim sits up and reaches for his phone.

090823112**: Hi.

Gim: Quien este? (Who’s this?)

Me: Stalker!!!!!

Gim: Delete, delete!

Me: Noooo!!!!!!!!!!! *Grabs Gimmi’s phone*

*Gimmi and I energetically tussle on the bed, fighting for phone domination. I win, natch.*

Me: (typing furiously on his phone) Hi back!

Gimmi: Flifli!!!!!!!

*I smile impishly. After a few moments… Beep beep*

090823112**: Hehehe. Ctt?

Our Phone: Who’s this? ASL?

090823112**: Uhm.. I’m Charlie. Kaw? (You?)

Our Phone: James.

*Gimmi and I break out in giggles.*

090823112**: Hi James. U stud?

James: 4th Year . You?

090823112**: Ah. College na po. San ka nagstudy? (Am in college. Where are you studying?)

James: Ateneo High. What year you?

090823112**: Uhm 4th po. Nursing. Lang taon ka na? (How old are you?)

James: I’m 15. Do you have a picture? Pwede pasend MMS? (Can you send a picture via MMS?)

090823112**: Ah ic. Yep, meron. Kaw? Ala aq xtra load. Hehe. Nxt tym. K lng b? Wat yr kna? (You? I don’t have load. Next time, ok? What year are you in?)

*Boring messages in between. Charlie seems to be very interested in James.*

James: What would you say is your most beguiling feature? Who do you look like, celebritywise?

090823112**: Nah.

James: Oh, I see. Have you heard of the current global financial crisis? What are your thoughts on that?

090823112**: What about it? Nosebleed man ako sau. (You’re giving me a nosebleed.)

James: Joke lang yun. What do you prefer? Short or long?

090823112**: Please specify. Anung long or short? Hehe.

*More giggles from Gim and Fli*

090823112**: Hehe. Bata ka pa. (You’re still a kid.)

Fli: What do we reply, Gim??? You have any more interesting questions in mind?

Gim: I know, I know! *types something on the phone and shows it to Fli*

Fli: (squeals) Gimmi!!! Don’t send. Here, let me. *Grabs Gim’s phone.* Uh- Whoops!!!!!! Oh no!

James: Hehe. Pasensya ka na ha, if I’m a bit direct. But I’m kind of curious abt guys…

Fli: Gimmi!!!! Look what you made me do!!!! Na!

090823112**: Ah, ic. Gnun b? Hehe. Y curious? Uhm. Wat yr kna b? Uhm. Im a bi po pala. (Ah, is that so? What year are you in? By the way, I’m bisexual.)

Fli and Gimmi break out in laughter. Uhm, ya. We know.

James: What city are you from pala?

090823112**: , Tumaga. (Our hometown)

Flisha and Gim: Shit! Hahahahahaha!!!!

James: Pasonanca. Summer Hills. Meet tau. (Let’s meet.)

090823112**: Huh? Now? I wud love to. But its late na. Are u allowed 2 go out at ths tym pa?

090823112**: Hope I could get d chance 2 knw u bter.

James: By the way, u never asked, bt im a girl pala. U lyk girls ryt?

090823112**: Huh? Are u? Ow? Are u kiddin me? Wats ur name?

James: James. Short for Jamie.

*Long pause.*

090823112**: Can we tok?

James: Is there a prob? Ur bi, right? Me too…

*Very very long pause. Disappointed, Gim and I start to turn in for the night.*

*Beep, beep*

090823112**: Hehe. Rili. None. Nice. Wat r u doin.

(Sudden change of tone. Sounds very manly. “Nice.” in the Philippines is an expression often used by young men, rarely by women.)

*Flishi and Gimmi break out in loads of laughter.*

Conclusion: He really is bi.