Turning Domestic

My academics are done, woohoo! Now all I’ve left to do to complete my Masters is my thesis software and paper. Easier said than done, but for now I’m treating myself to a relaxing vacation!

I’ve left and settled down (pretend) with my boyfriend in Dapitan. It’s been so fun pretending to be husband and wife (hehe). I’ll be staying a month or two here before I head on home to , so I thought it would be much cheaper to buy appliances for cooking rather than to eat out all the time.

We bought a rice cooker (Php600 or $13), an oven toaster (Php500 or $11), a water heater (Php200 or $4), kitchen utensils (about Php1k or $22) and a Petron Gasulette (a single-burner gas stove at Php1700 or $38). My boyfriend’s a great cook so he’s been cooking a lot of great , like breaded pork (yum!), corned beef with onion and potatoes (mmm!) and calamares (needs work). I’m so looking forward to the future, when he’s finally a doctor and we can buy a house and everything! Hehe.

When we’re not cooking, we’re watching movies. The last movie we watched was What Happens in Vegas starring and Ashton Kutcher. It wasn’t funny, I wouldn’t recommend watching it. And do people really win 3 million dollars via a slot machine?! In spite of the lousy script, boy that movie made me want to visit Vegas!

I know it’s kind of too far in the future to plan. (Hello, I can barely afford to eat in a , let along purchase a ticket to fly halfway around the world.) But for what it’s worth, I’ve scouted out a Las Vegas strip map so I won’t get lost. My boyfriend can tell you how bad I am at directions. I once hopped on a jeepney with Gim, confident I knew the landmarks of Malate, and we spent an hour on the vehicle not knowing where to get off. I literally need a travel book just to roam around Manila, what more Vegas. (Am I silly to be planning this nonsense?)

In other news, I’ve been bumming around, sleeping late, enjoying the sun and sea, and looking for a swim teacher (because I would like to learn). Oh if life were always this easy.