Our Nosy Landlady

Where I’m staying in Dapitan, there is a very very nosy landlady. She often visits our room when we’re away, and doesn’t tell us in advance – or ever.

One time my boyfriend and I were coming home early in the afternoon, we caught her in our room sweeping the floor. I was appalled, because I had left my laptop and camera in the room. We let it pass because she had a convenient excuse, but I was very careful not to leave any valuable stuff inside the room anymore.

Another time, I was in and Gim wasn’t in the room, she went inside to change the window shades. Hwa–? Gim noticed it because he had deliberately set sheets wrong side up, and when he came back, the sheet were rightside up.

A few weeks ago, she was making up all sorts of reasons to come inside the room again, like she needed to change our bed sheets (we can do that ourselves, thank you very much).

I don’t understand people who have that compulsion to snoop, to check up on other people’s lives, to want to see our room and the things we have. So I had Gim install an extra lock on our door so she wouldn’t be able to come in any time she pleased anymore. Then we left for a week to go to .

When we came back, she was quite angry, demanding that we remove the lock. She said that her husband needed to frequently come in to check the wirings, in case there were leaks when it rained. It was totally another lame excuse, because in the six months I’ve stayed there, there hasn’t been a leak.

I had to go to Manila for a few days so I left Gim to talk to her. He tried to tell her that we valued our privacy, and that we don’t appreciate people being in our apartment when we’re not there. Our landlady said that we should respect her rights to check the room, because it was still her property.

I had half a mind to go confront her myself. I hate confrontation, but I never back down, and I never lose. I always get what I want, especially when I’m in the right. I told Gim to wait for until I came back, so I would be the one to give our landlady a piece of my mind.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to, since apparently Gim and our landlady came to a compromise. We could keep our lock while we were there. But if we left for Zamboanga or Manila, or wherever, we had to leave the apartment open in case of an emergency. (Does a leak constitute an emergency???)

I still don’t like the arrangement. I’ve been a very good tenant. I pay the rent on time every month. The apartment’s very very clean and well-kept. We’re not noisy, we don’t create problems. So why does she have to get on my nerves like that?? But whatevs, I let it rest. I hate problems. The next time we go away for some time, I’ll be sure to bring everything valuable with me.

What landlord problems have you encountered?


  1. HOLY CRAP! That is too creepy for words. In the US there are laws so that sort of thing doesn’t happen. All inspections and maintenance visits must be posted on your door 24 hours in advance. A fire or flood are the only reasons that would supersede this law and allow management to gain unscheduled access.

    I’d tell her to stay the heck out or you will be moving out.

  2. I totally second that! She might be your landlord but you don’t know what creepy things she might be doing. She can easily come in when you are home. Why does it has to be when you are not?

  3. Oh my.. I’ll surely have a huge quarrel with her if I were in your position. :P Anyway, my landlord back then was kind enough. She and her husband only came to check the apartment once in a while, as long as we bank-in the rental on time.

  4. Here it’s forbidden.

    Tell her a story that you’ve heard that another landlady did the same as she did and was arrested by the police because a complaint was made about her saying improper things and making avances.

  5. Change your padlock. Or fix a good padlock to the door if there isn’t one on it.

    From the way you relate your story, it is quite apparent that the landlady has found something that interests her inside your room. Hmmmm like…

    1. Your boyfriend’s love letters to you.
    2. Your expensive underwear.
    3. Your cosmetics and perfume.
    4. Do you keep any sex gadgets? – perhaps she wants to have a go with it. LOL!

    So be extra careful.

  6. Saint Lover, really? Perhaps there’s a similar Philippine law, I should read up. She’s really sneaky. This time she wants to put up some Christmas decor.

    Isolated Existence, exactly what I was thinking!

    Wiehanne, haha. If she had made her demands to my face, I might’ve blown up right there and then too.

    Laane, ahh, the police is not the answer to *any* problem in the Philippines.

    Windmill, hahaha! I would be horrified if she found any of my number four!!

    Dwacon, she’s married and in her sixties, I think. But that’s an idea, haha.