Gorging Yet Again

Yesterday I ate lots of lechon (charcoal roasted pork), then bought a whole cake of Red Ribbon chocolate mousse (which I didn’t particularly like but ate anyways), then went out with friends and drank corn shake, a coffee shake and ate blueberry cheesecake. Except for the corn shake at Greenfields Mano-Mano, the rest of the sweets sucked. Note to self: Never go to 3rd Cup ever again.

Today I had patatim for lunch (oven roasted pork, super delicious) that my mom baked for two days, and some calamares (fried squid rings) too.

It’s Christmas Even and later’s the noche buena so I guess I’m entitled…? Hahahaha. And it’s not even dinnertime!

Felices Pascua, everyone!!!

(Recommend me some fat burners, anyone???)