Home for the Holidays

After paying December’s rent for my little studio apartment in Dapitan, ensuring my door hardware‘s security (or lack thereof) and lugging off all my valuables onto the bus, I am now back in my hometown of . Back for the holidays and perhaps back for good. I have finished my academics in , and all I have to do is complete my thesis. (Better said than done, and I prefer not to say more. Is that an indication of my shameful progress?)

I am truly sad I missed my alma mater’s yearly festivities. I was hoping to get here earlier so I could see the colorful booths lining the university road, or watch the cheerdancers fighting to see who could come up with the tallest pyramid or listen to the debaters yell at each other breathless. Would’ve made for a lot of good photo ops, I bet.

As it is, my first adventure in the city was to watch the Twilight movie with the fam. (Book sucked, movie sucked worse. But Rob Pattinson was hot, so watch it anyway.) Every motorcycle rider in this city is supposed to wear a helmet, so that’s been keeping me in these days. My boyfriend’s out buying me a helmet, so maybe I can see the city lights tonight.

My cam is itching for some action. Until then!


  1. Not exactly… I liked the storyline, so that kept me reading ’till Breaking Dawn but it’s the writing na medyo irked me… so many cheesy lines! How many times did Bella have to think out loud how “beautiful” Edward was!?? Maka-inchila hehehe. But then again it was Meyer’s first book, so… Maybe she needs more practice haha.

    Canon S5IS, why man. Very nice zoom lens. :D