A Netbook for Travelers

Nanobook, netbook, UMPC, it goes by many names. I call it a mini laptop.

My mom just bought an Astone UMPC laptop for herself for Christmas and it’s soooo tiny! She’s not a geek like me (or anything remotely close!) and she only wants the thing so she can bring it with her when she goes to early next year for some important meeting (in case she has to show a Powerpoint presentation).

For such a small package (230×171×29.4mm and a monitor of only 7 inches) and such a low price (2,000 or less than $300) it packs quite a punch. It has a LAN port, wifi, a webcam, a card reader, bluetooth (Hey! Even my HP laptop doesn’t have that!), and even a touchscreen!

You’d think a little toy like this would only contain around 8gb of space or less like the Asus EEE PC, but no, this thing actually has 60 gigs of hard disk space and a computer memory of1 gig RAM. Yes, it’s running comfortably on Windows XP and can handle the whole Microsoft suite and then some. None of that complicated Linux stuff. (My mom would freak!)

So this is my latest tech tip for travelers. If you want to bring a laptop while going around the world, it’s best to keep it light (the Astone weighs only 0.97kg) and thrifty (in case it gets lost or broken!). The caveat of course is that the keyboard is cramped and the best resolution is WVGA 800×480 but, do you really care, when you’re otherwise occupied in sampling the wonders of the world?


  1. cute. but today EEE ( and many others ) has better UMPCs, the in the same 1kn offering 9 inch screens, as well asmany comes with 80-160GB HDD.