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Zamboanga City | Paseo del Mar

Posted on 30 December 2008 by Flisha

There’s a new tourist trap in town. And it may be successful, too. Just look at these wonderful photos I was able to take of the government’s current pet project, Paseo del Mar (literally Passage of the Ocean), a park built strategically in the old part of town; to the left of it the historic Fort Pilar and to the right the first hotel Lantaka: Paseo del Mar stands right at the edge of City.

The park is still in its building stage, so you will see piles of bricks, unpaved ground and unfinished structures. Locals and visitors alike are not allowed into the premises yet, but we were able to secure entrance by promising to write about Paseo. (And, erm, maybe not mentioning the avenue of the write-up.)

There are so many pictures I cannot caption them all, so, enjoy the photos!

How about some landscapes? :-)

Here is Gim showing off our (not-so-)new motorcycle, Sebastian. (We sold Pao earlier this year.)

We were there (supposedly) on an official manner, so even though I was tempted to have my boyfriend take portraits of me in every corner of Paseo, I had to resist, haha. We refrained ourselves from photowhoring and instead opted for these two simple shots. >.<

And here is my most favorite shot of all. :)

Happy Holidays!


  1. LiLaC says:

    it looks beautiful, fli. i think i saw this being built last year around christmas, while we were on our way to sta. cruz island.

  2. Flisha says:

    It is, Heids! Especially since its deserted yet. I don’t know how it will look like filled with people, though, as it is kind of small. I mean, compared to stretches of benches in Cawa-Cawa Boulevard. And I think it’s the next new hang-out for Boulevard-ers, hehe.

  3. noni says:

    beautiful pics…..very much professional…….right angle/composition

    wish u a very happy/beautiful 2009

  4. Isolated Existence says:

    Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing them!! Happy Holidays :-)


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