Alexander Skarsgård as Eric Northman

Well. I am going gaga over Eric Northman of the Sookie Stackhouse (Southern Vampire Mysteries) series. Eric is gorgeous. Eric is tall. Eric is dangerous at times, devilishly charming at others. Eric is complex. Eric is a vampire. Eric is a Viking. Eric is all man.

You should read the Sookie series, if only to know Eric. I swear, you will fall hopelessly head over heels in love with the rogue. This guy is the ultimate woman’s ideal guy (ok, fine, with the exception of fangs, but still). And Charmaine Harris is a goddess for having created him!

The first few seconds that Eric appeared on (as the owner of the vampire bar Fangtasia), I thought, Dear God, they did the vamp injustice. He was shrouded in the dark, was wearing a coat that all but covered his body, and appeared very, very briefly. And I was so disappointed, because is the greatest character (aside from Sookie of course) in the Sookie series — the most handsome, most compelling, most magnetic personality.

I didn’t realize, until the last few episodes of True Blood, how brilliantly Eric was cast. The guy they got to play Eric is Alexander Skarsgård, a Swedish actor, the son of famous character actor Stellan Skarsgård. And it seems that great acting runs in the genes, because not only is Alexander hot enough to play Eric (Alexander stands 6″4′ and is built like a Greek god. Oh sorry, like a Viking.), he is also able to portray perfectly the arrogance and charisma of Eric Northman.

Check out these screencaps from True Blood. (God, those arms….!!!!)

He’s gorgeous!!!!! I cannot wait for the next season of True Blood! It’s bad enough that Sookie and Eric’s relationship is still undefined in the Sookie series, after all they’ve been through. (Eric’s saved Sookie’s life so many times, and vice versa. They’ve shared blood three times, which creates a very deep bond between them such that each can feel whatever the other feels. They made love when Eric lost his memories, but ever since Eric regained his memories, they’ve avoided each other. Sookie goes out with other men, but can’t shake off her feelings for Eric. Eric himself is utterly confused about how he feels for Sookie, whether he likes her because of her fairy blood, or their blood bond, or if he truly loves her.) I cannot wait for the 9th installation of the Sookie books, Dead and Gone. I really hope Sookie and Eric end up together!

For now, I guess all I can do is gawk at pictures of the super scorching hot Alexander Skarsgård. Look!!!

I don’t know if I’m in love with Eric, or if I’m in love with Alexander. Probably both!!! And, erm, the pics below lean a little bit NSFW, but not quite, so be forewarned. Alex in the shower!

That’s Alexander in the Swedish movie Hundtricket (the Trick). Hot, isn’t he? :D


  1. I could not agree more with every word…I am weak in the knees for Alex/Eric…you should check out the short film, Never Be Mine…the kiss alone will melt your socks right off!
    As Charlaine would say, Yikes. Yahoo. Yum!

  2. Squee! No need to pick – I’m in lust with both Eric and Alexander :)

    Either season 4, or some serious veering from the books NEEDS to happen.

  3. you’ve been swooning over this series so much that it’s made me curious. so i checked out the library catalogue online and luckily, they have them. so i reserved book 1. can’t wait to start reading. :D

  4. Yeah right, Heids. You just took a look at Alex and decided it was worth a read. Hehehehe.

    Read the whole series ok? Because if you stop at 1, you’ll just love Sookie and Bill together. (Eric doesn’t steal your heart until Book 4.)

    But, a precaution, the more you read the more you get hooked, and also the more you get frustrated. Hehehe. It’s part of Charmaine Harris’ evil plot to never part with her readers, I guess. Haha.

  5. @GypsyGirls – Yikes. Yahoo. Yum! Hahaha I loved that part! :D

    @Elisa – Season 4 seems soooo far away!!!!

  6. actually, Alex isn’t my type. On stills anyway. I remember saying the same thing about Brad Pitt years ago, though, so don’t get mad at me till I’ve seen him onscreen and said the same thing.

    I checked just now and it says “Dead Until Dark” is in transit to me. Yey!

  7. he looks better with short hair. definitely looks better without his clothes on under the shower. ;P

    I want to go to Ireland, but then this is entirely a different but still somewhat related matter.

  8. I've been scouring the net for all things Eric Northman/Skarsgard. He is Beautiful!
    I've read all the books (as you have it seems) and I'm not sure the HBO series is gonna go that long… but no doubt Alan Ball will pick out some of the best stuff and work it into the series?

    The BC character has grown on me and while he is being promoted as SS's main love interest at this point… in the books, it wouldn't surprise me if CH kills him off due to some poor "human-like" decision on his part, sacrificing himself for the sake of Sookie somehow.
    I think Sookie should end of up with Eric… he is the most capable of truly protecting her… and loving her (a gracious plenty!) Sookie also is going to prove to be Eric's "emotional" savior after 1000 years of boredom… I think.

    love you blog… will add to my favorites!

    wish i could find some really good E/S fan fic!

  9. can't wait for the 9th the 4th book, don't care if i read it again and again and again..E-R-I-C yummy yummy yummy…

  10. I went to Sweden, and I SWEAR, the rumors were true of all the hot blond tall men. It was my dream come true. Well, not exactly, since I didn't meet AS, but the men were all still pretty.

  11. Alexander is the PERFECT ERIC. Honestly, I cannot picture anyone taking his spot. I cant wait for season3 of TrueBlood i hope it comes soon!!

    SOSOSOSO in lust for Eric, oh god why cant he be real??

  12. Dear Henny,

    We have the same wishful thinking…why can’t Eric be real? (sigh)If I were Sookie I will completely surrender myself to ERIC without any hesitation with open arms and open legs hehehe.:)

  13. Can’t help not to smile while reading all your posts in here..I am just like you gals out there..totally in lust with eric..loving his character more in TB..Why can’t he be real and surely would love to go and just see him if there’s a chance in sweden :0 just hope to still keep my sanity though:0