AVG Solve Error "Invalid Update Control CTF File" in Vista

AVG has been bugging me for an update the last few days. But whenever I would try to update it, it would always give me the error “Invalid Update Control CTF File.”

I hadn’t tweaked any of my settings except regularly cleaning my cookies and caches with CCCleaner. (Speaking of that, my Reader’s been acting up since then too, so I’m figuring this must be all related.) However, I haven’t found out the exact relation between the two, so I’m just careful now about what stuff I remove with CCCleaner.

I have, however, been able to start updating my AVG again. If you have the problem, just follow these steps. First of all, if you are not yet doing so, show your hidden files and folders. How?

  1. Go to Windows Explorer
  2. Click on Organize in the toolbar
  3. Click on Folder and Search Options
  4. Click on View (the second tab)
  5. Select “Show Hidden Files and Folders” (it’s a button not a box)
  6. Click on OK

Then we will remove the AVG CTF files that are corrupted. How?

  1. Go to your drive C:
  2. Click on the folder Program Data (it’s a lighter color because it’s hidden)
  3. Click on the folder avg8
  4. Click on the folder update
  5. Click on the folder download
  6. Delete the two CTF files (avginfoavi.ctf and avginfowin.ctf)

Then go to your AVG tray icon and update your AVG. Solved! (AVG should open up more programmer jobs.)