Berchmans Christmas 2008 Reunion

I’ve got a few too many school years under my belt, but none mattered more than the four years coming-of-age .

First loves, first broken hearts, first passions. Those really were some of the best years of my life. I learned about life, I found myself, and thanked my lucky stars I wasn’t alone in the growing up.

I am no longer that close with my friends in high school. But it’s nice to see the whole class come together again, from time to time, even when really we no longer have anything in common but memories.

The reunion gets smaller and smaller every passing year. So many people are leaving town for a better future abroad. And really, who am I to judge? Someday I will probably leave as well.

Here’s the all of us who went to the reunion. From left to right: Husain, Jet (Janine’s boyfriend), Janine, Aeneas, Brian, Gim (my boyfriend), Shane (Brian’s boyfriend), Jotie and Raquel. Katrina took the picture.

Raquel and Jotie.

Husain with wife and kids.

Husain and Aeneas.

Brian with boyfriend Shane. Oh to be young and enjoying love’s first blush. :-)

Katrina, home for the first time in seven years.

Jotie with his new iPhone.

Brian, with the happiness that comes in making choices.

Raquel, blooming with an engagement.

And me.

Note: Pictures were taken (by everybody) with Jotie’s newest toy, a Nikon DSLR. I postprocessed them in Photoshop. Thanks, Jots!