Update Facebook, Twitter, Plurk Status Via Twhirl Update Clients | Plus Beautiful Twitter Icons

Twitter is my latest obsession. It’s a remarkably convenient way to blurt out thoughts and at the same time be able to personally follow, in real-time, the remarks of those you idolize (or otherwise).

I began to use it only to join the NameCheap Christmas trivia contest, where you win a domain if you tweet the first correct answer of the hour. No, I never did win, but that doesn’t matter now. I feel like I won anyways, having found a whole new playground on the Internet!

At the same I have recently been persuaded to use Facebook and Plurk, both of which are a lot similar to Twitter in that they encourage the short, frequent status blurt-out. So I had to find a way to use just one service to send out one blurt out to them all.

Plurk to

Thankfully, Plurk can send updates to Facebook. On your Plurk account, just go to My Account, click on the Facebook tab,  and integrate the two apps.

Twitter to Facebook

Facebook has an application that can automatically pull in your latest . Just go to this part of Facebook, and follow all necessary instructions.

Twitter to Plurk (and Vice Versa)

Unfortch, Twitter doesn’t offer this service. So you will have to use an external app to connect the two. Feedtweeter is the wonderful website that does this. Except that it’s invite-only and you have to have an invite code to use it. However, there are a lot floating around the web, and I found a code that worked under two minutes. So just search for one and I am sure you will be using Feedtweeter in no time.

Twitter On Your Desktop

Lastly, I don’t like to keep the Twitter website open all the time on my browser. Besides, it doesn’t refresh automatically. I first tried to use Twitteroo, since it’s recommended on the Twitter website. But it’s not so great. It pulls in the latest updates, but for some reason or another, I could not post from Twitteroo to Twitter, even though no error message ever showed up. So, anyway, I had to uninstall the app.

I would use Twitterrific in an instant, but it’s only for the Mac, and I’m on a PC. Boo! Thankfully, I found Twhirl, and it’s a really great desktop app. It not only allows you to use your Twitter account, but you can also use your Identi.ca, Laconi.ca, Friendfeed and Seismic accounts (not that I have those, and am not interested so far).

So with this kind of setup, all I have to do is update my status through Twhirl, and it sends my tweets straight to Facebook and Plurk. Easy enough, huh?

Plug Your Twitter Account

So what else is there to do now but to tell the world that you’re on Twitter? It is so very easy to just put a link on your blog or website, but someone’s made it a lot easier to advertise.

Hongkiat just compiled a list of beautiful Twitter icons and buttons for you to post on your blog or website, utterly free! The Twitter icon you see above belongs to one of the sets in his post.

I am so loving this Twitter origami graphic and I am probably going to use it on my blog! Heh.

So what are you doing still here? Follow me on Twitter already!