Building a House in Hello Kitty Online

Playing Online jumped ten levels of fun when I made a guild and invited people to join it. My guildmates turned out to be really sweet and nice, and we all got along great, which was a pleasant surprise.

SecretAsianKitty, one of the first few guildees I invited to join Vampire Kittens, even gave me a deed to a house! Deeds are rare these days. They were only available during the Build NYC event back in October, and I hadn’t played much of it. Some founders like SAK still carry some extra deeds, but most have already used them up or given theirs away. So I was pretty excited when SAK just out of the blue gave me a deed! (Thank you SAK!!!)

We decided to build the house in my farm and it would serve as our guild house! We named it Den of Vampire Kittens. (House of Vampire Kittens was too long.) All of my guildmates pitched in to help at one point or another, so we got to complete my house before HKO Happy Hearts ended, yay!

Have a look at the process of building the House of Vampire Kittens!

Thank you guildees! :D I miss you all so much!