The Happy Hearts Charity Quest

In any HKO event, there’s always that one last quest which beats all quests – the hunt to gather billions and trillions of items to make one single item. In the case of the Happy Hearts event, we had to come up with as many charity shirts and charity bags as we could.

Want to see the horrible calculations?

To make one bag, we needed:

1 white tee
1 newbie wand
75 silk = 592 high quality cotton, 1500 bad wood
75 red dye = 1110 sorosis, 750 water, 750 clay
75 soft cotton = 1500 cotton
150 zipper = 300 slick stone, 150 copper ring, 750 fragments of stone mine
297 thread

And to make one shirt, we needed:

1 white tee
1 newbie wand
210 silk = 1680 high quality cotton, 4200 bad wood
210 red dye = 3150 sorosis, 2100 water, 2100 clay
210 soft cotton = 4200 cotton
297 thread
297 strap

The goal of our guild (Vampire Kittens) was at first to make 10 bags and 10 shirts. When we realized the cost of that goal:

20 white tees
20 newbie wands
22800 high quality cotton
57000 bad wood
42750 sorosis
31500 water
31500 clay
57000 cotton
7500 fragments of stone mine
2970 strap
5940 thread
3000 gravel
3000 copper

…we scaled it down to 5 bags and 5 shirts. Which still proved impossible. Then 3 of each. In the end, the Vampire Kittens elected to come up with just one bag. LOL.

Have a look at what my farm looked like during this quest!


We needed to gather bad wood. So I had to grow coffee beans, and wait for 7 days days without watering them so they would die. Then I could gather the wood. One tree gives 5 bad wood, and it takes about 7 seconds to gather one piece of bad wood. So you can imagine how long it took for us to complete 1500 bad wood!


I was lucky I was already done with all the quests in Sanrio, I could focus on the charity quest full-on. My guildees weren’t all that lucky. Some of them still had many unfinished quests in Paris and London.

See us bicker.




LOL. Let me take this moment to say thank you so very much to my guildmates for helping to complete the charity quest. Even though they were busy completing other quests, and time was limited in HKO Happy Hearts (only two weeks!), they still managed to support me all the way.

Thank you especially to SabreGypsy who contributed a lot of bad wood and copper rings. Thank you to Tifanii who made the slick stone and helped a lot with the cotton. Thank you to Swamplilly who kept the wands and tees. Thank you to Slinky who had the genius idea of how to gather the wands and tees, but later left the guild because we had too many activities (LOL). You are always welcome in our guild!

Thank you to Yausapphire, Melody, Mimisama, Ziggy, Underwood, Deer, Lolitron, Kiff and all the others (sorry if I failed to mention you, just remind me!!) who helped with the so many little things like the gathering of wands, tees, cotton, sorosis, gravel, stone fragments, etc. and especially with building my house.

And thank you so much to SecretAsianKitty for giving me the deed to the house! I will always be grateful. :)

I miss my guild so much. :( Hopefully there will be an Easter event so we can meet each other again soonest. Or better yet, hopefully Online will finally finish development and be released for good, so we can play everyday! LOL.