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Dapitan the Beautiful

Posted on 03 February 2009 by Flisha

Dapitan City

I don’t remember uploading these photos of the last time I was in Dapitan, del Norte. That was about three months ago. Although I do not miss my very poor living quarters there, I do miss the beautiful, relaxing sights of Dapitan.

Nature never let you forget her majesty in Dapitan. It was easy to just let the romantic days wrap themselves all over you… ’til you forgot that there was more to living than the here and now.

So… enjoy these photos. :)

Dapitan City
Dapitan CityDapitan City
Dapitan City
Dapitan City
Dapitan CityDapitan City


  1. Alem says:

    wow! dapitan looks very beautiful. this will definitely one of the places i’ll be visiting soon. thanks for the pictures.


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