BPI Expressonline Saves the Day

Gim has just left for Dapitan again, and I am all alone in . I hate when Gim leaves, because all my friends are always so busy to go out. Right now I wish I were practicing my swimming, but I would never do that alone. (Read: Can’t deal with wearing a swimsuit without anyone to hide behind.)

Gim left before I could hand him cash so he could get me the Montano sardines I asked him to buy for me in Dipolog. (I in turn will bring it to as pasalubong in April. My uncle likes them.)

There aren’t any credit card machines in Dapitan, not that I know of anyway, so it’s a good thing there’s BPI Expressonline. I have an account there, and since I so often transfer funds to Gim’s account so he can buy me stuff (LOL am I a demanding girlfriend or what!), I’ve actually had my bank add his account in my Transfer Funds list so I can automatically send him money whenever I need to. (My mom is in that list, too, because I constantly have to pay her for stuff I charge on her credit card hahaha.)

He’s coming back in a few days, though, so I really shouldn’t feel this antsy. Still, I miss him. And in two weeks, I’ll be leaving him again. :(

I want to be permanently attached to his side. Is that possible? Or am I turning into the psycho girlfriend he never wanted?