And That’s Not Me???

Earlier today I was deciding on a specialty in medicine for myself, suppose I were a doctor. I thought maybe neurosurgery would be perfect for me. Every day I could roll my eyes and tell someone, in a totally disparaging sort of way:

It’s not *brain* surgery.

But I mustn’t be hasty. I did consider other specialties. I thought oncology would be so cool. It totally wouldn’t be my fault if my patient dropped dead, plus I could concoct all sorts of experiments and maybe I’d find a cure for cancer. I’d have time to splurge on regular shopping sales too.

I told Gim (my doctor boyfriend who wants to specialize in orthopedics and say Dude feel my biceps! all day long) this and when I got to the oncology part, his brow furrowed and immediately he replied:

Bun, I don’t think that’s for you. Oncologists have to be really generous and unselfish.


So then we proceeded to discuss neurosurgery. Hypothetically.


  1. lol.

    but actually i think if you’re an oncologist, you have to be very straightforward and bordering on unsympathetic simply because having dying patients is not good for the heart. :(

    personally what i don’t want to be is an OB GYNE, simply because I don’t want to have to think of work everytime i see a woman spread her legs!